League of Legends: Patch 10.23 Complete Tier List

See where your favourite champions stand in each role following the League of Legends 10.23 patch.

With Season 10 now complete, League of Legends players will turn their attention to preseason changes. While most preseasons are loaded with changes, Preseason 11 may signal the most significant change to the game in quite some time. Riot Games has determined that a complete item rework was due and players are now scrambling to learn the new shop system.

The preseason is always a fun time to try new champions, roles, or strategies. Some of the more serious gamers like to use this time to perfect their skills with their main champions so that they are ready to go once the regular season starts.

Whichever your chosen method of handling preseason, we are here to guide you through the meta and show you which champions are at the top of the class in each role for solo queue.

Top lane champions tier lists 10.23

Source: League of Legends

Many gamers were under the impression that this patch renders tanks useless as several strong bruiser items were introduced. Despite this, tanks still rule in the top lane with the addition of the item ‘Sunfire Aegis.’

The tankiness and burst damage offered by ‘Sunfire Aegis’ catches many players by surprise. However, several bruisers make the upper tier due to their build in true damage synergies, which help to shut down the stronger tanks.

Here’re the top-tier champions that you should be playing in the top lane:

S TierA TierB Tier

Jungle champions tier lists 10.23

Source: League of Legends

The jungle tier list is a mixed bag of approaches to the game. Win rates for tanks are exceptionally high right now, but many high Elo gamers still consider champions with faster jungle clear speed as the meta jungle champion for solo queue.

Here are your best options to rule the jungle following League of Legends’ 10.23 patch:

S TierA TierB Tier
Nunu & WillumpViJarvan IV
AmumuDr. MundoXin Zhao
Master YiOlaf 

Mid lane champions tier lists 10.23

Source: League of Legends

Oddly enough, mid lane may be the role that has been impacted the most by the item shifts. Control and burst mages seem to have lost some potency, with assassins and damage-over-time mages being the way to go.

Furthermore, and unfortunately for you Veigar players, freely stacking minions while the game races away may not be a fun strategy to play under the current LoL patch.

Here are the champions that you should focus on if you wish to win from mid lane under the 10.23 LoL patch:

S TierA TierB Tier
Diana Lux
Brand Vel’Koz
  Twisted Fate

ADC champions tier lists 10.23

Source: League of Legends

A role that has been laughed at for several seasons, ADC is finally set to experience a renaissance. Several items were added to the role to make ADCs more relevant in all stages of the game.

Now, they’re able to handle varying enemy comps and make the marksman role more enjoyable for all; Riot Games made the right call to bring this role back to relevancy.

These are the LoL champions that you should be playing in the bot lane:

S TierA TierB Tier
SamiraMiss FortuneKai’Sa

Support champions tier lists 10.23

Source: League of Legends

The support role showed some stability in its tier list, while also bringing some damage-over-time mages into relevancy once again. The current meta looks for reliable, early-game engage or high damage poke.

Utility and healing are somewhat outclassed at the moment, as this duo lane should be looking to snowball hard from the start.

To establish and maintain that dominance, look for these champions to create that support gap in 10.23:

S TierA TierB Tier

This tier list is based on the early results from games across the world. For some reason, certain regions and Elo ranks tend to favour particular meta shifts over others. As such, you may find that there’s some variance in your games, depending on your particular circumstances.

Additionally, to make the most of these LoL tier lists, it is imperative to understand why certain champions are stronger than others. You’ll need to learn which items and style of play make these champions strong or weak, and then use them with that information.

Whether you’re a jungler, top laner, or want to dig into the revitalised bot lane, check out the tier lists above to see which champions rank the highest following the 10.23 patch.

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