League of Legends: Patch 10.24 Complete Tier List

Learn the meta following League of Legends’ latest patch with our tier lists for each role in the game.

Source: League of Legends

The preseason is well underway, players have adjusted to the new items, and overpowered champion-item combinations have already gone through a few hotfixes. Now, with Patch 10.24, Riot Games will look to make even more changes to make sure that the game is balanced and that underwhelming champions are made relevant once again.

In Patch 10.24, some of the overpowered champions will become more reasonable, and a few unplayable champions will now be relevant. However, the focus was more so on the item changes, as balancing these will have a ripple effect across the strength of champions.

On this page, you’ll find out how the new League of Legends patch changes the tiers in each role of the game.

Top lane champions tier lists 10.24

Source: League of Legends

Following Patch 10.23, the top lane became tank kingdom, so several tank busters found themselves as the only answer to these champions. However, one champion truly ruled the role in terms of win rates: Kayle. It was a significant enough gap that Riot Games decided to deal her a nerf.

Additionally, Kayle’s core item, Nashor’s Tooth, received a significant nerf that will also hurt her spot in the tier list. While this will bring her down a bit, the rest of the tier list stays mostly the same after LoL Patch 10.24.

S TierA TierB Tier

Jungle champions tier lists 10.24

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With the strength of tank items and DOT AP items being so high in the previous patch, Amumu found plenty of flexibility to dominate the rift.

As the highest win rate champion from the 10.23 patch, Riot Games was forced to nerf him. Hecarim was also experiencing enough success to warrant a nerf. This patch sees a couple of buffs being given to the starting jungle items as well.

Here’s how the Patch 10.24 tier lists look in League of Legends:

S TierA TierB Tier
Nunu & WillumpViJarvan IV
AmumuDr. MundoXin Zhao
 SejuaniMaster Yi

Mid lane champions tier lists 10.24

Source: League of Legends

Following the last LoL patch, Viktor was easily the strongest champion in the game, until he was hot-fixed. Once that change was implemented, the top of the mid lane tier list was ruled mostly by assassins.

As time went on, we saw many players dragging Kayle over from the top lane to the mid lane, as her power was unparalleled. Several items that impact mid laners, with respect to AP damage and playing safe, were nerfed in this patch, making mages even less attractive.

Without too many changes to the rest of the mid lane champion pool, it looks like the meta will stay the same in the mid lane.

S TierA TierB Tier

ADC champions tier lists 10.24

Source: League of Legends

While we had several S Tier champions in the ADC role following Patch 10.23, the one champion that really rose above the rest was Samira. Due to her being banned so regularly, Riot was forced to nerf her in Patch 10.24. However, even after being nerfed, Samira will still remain amongst the top ADCs and is probably still worth a ban.

S TierA TierB Tier
VayneMiss FortuneKai’Sa

Support champions tier lists 10.24

Source: League of Legends

It seems as though Riot really likes the state of supports, as they avoided any balance changes to the role in this LoL Patch 10.24.

They may have done this as a means of setting the state of the support role as being in line with the next champion to be released, Rell. A new tank support champion, Rell will fit in nicely with the likes of Leona and Nautilus as a strong engage option in the role.

S TierA TierB Tier

Picks of the Patch – 10.24

Now that you’ve seen where your champions fall in the tier rankings of this patch, you should have a better idea of what to pick or ban. To really narrow things down for you, we’re highlighting one champion for each role as our Picks of the Patch.

You’ll want to keep in mind that these are mostly power picks for solo queue, and don’t necessarily lead to success in team compositions. So, here are the top picks of the 10.24 League of Legends patch:

Top LaneMalphite
Mid LaneEkko

Make the most of these tier lists to make sure that you’re picking the best champion available, regardless of your preferred role in League of Legends.

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