Top 5 Best Limited Edition Game Merchandise in 2023: Ultimate Collector’s Guide!

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Welcome, gaming aficionados! Ever stared at your gaming shelf and thought it looked a tad barren? Perhaps it’s high time to amp up your collection with the crème de la crème of gaming merchandise. If the sheer plethora of options is overwhelming, fret not! Our expert team has dedicated 41 laborious hours, filtering out the fluff and bringing you nothing but the best.


  • Definition & Types of Limited Edition Game Merchandise
  • Top 8 brands to watch out for
  • Buying criteria to ensure you snag the best
  • Issues & pitfalls to avoid
  • Quality tests for your prized possessions

Doom: The Classics Collection Collectors Edition | Best for DOOM Enthusiasts

Doom The Classics Collection Collectors Edition

For fans of the legendary DOOM series, the Classics Collection Collector’s Edition is a must-have. Not only does it encapsulate the nostalgia and thrill of the original games, but it also stands as a testament to the series’ longevity and impact on the gaming world. A perfect piece for hardcore collectors and fans alike.

Pros: Cons:
✅ Iconic and nostalgic content from the classic DOOM series.
✅ High-quality build for game collectors.
✅ Unique packaging that pays homage to the original.
✅ Rare and valuable item for DOOM enthusiasts.
✅ Features multiple classic DOOM games in one set.
❌ Might be priced higher due to its collector’s edition tag.
❌ Limited in availability which can lead to price surges.

Underdog Games Trekking The World | Best Educational Board Game

Underdog Games Trekking The World Review

Trekking The World by Underdog Games is an adventure on a board. As you journey through various global destinations, you’re not just playing but learning. With its rich content and gorgeous artwork, it’s a family-friendly game that ensures both entertainment and education.

Pros: Cons:
✅ Educational, offering geographical and cultural insights.
✅ Beautiful artwork capturing world destinations.
✅ High replay value with diverse gameplay mechanics.
✅ Suitable for a broad age range.
✅ Enhances strategic thinking and planning.
❌ Might be complex for very young players.
❌ Gameplay can be lengthy for those wanting quick games.

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly The Super Mario Bros | Best Gaming Crossover Experience

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly The Super Mario Bros Review

Combining the charm of the Super Mario world with the classic gameplay of Monopoly, this version offers a fresh and entertaining experience. Whether you’re aiming to save Princess Peach or strike it rich in the real estate market, this game promises hours of fun.

Pros: Cons:
✅ Fuses the fun of Monopoly with the iconic Super Mario universe.
✅ Unique game pieces inspired by the Mario series.
✅ Familiar Monopoly gameplay with a refreshing twist.
✅ High-quality board and components.
✅ Engaging for both Mario fans and Monopoly lovers.
❌ Might not appeal to those unfamiliar with Mario.
❌ Some purists might prefer the classic Monopoly style.

Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller | Best Design in Gaming Controllers

Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller Review

The Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller is not just about aesthetics; it’s about an enhanced gaming experience. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort, while the responsive controls give you the edge in your gaming sessions. A must-have for fans of the Starfield universe and Xbox enthusiasts.

Pros: Cons:
✅ Sleek design inspired by the Starfield universe.
✅ Ergonomic build ensuring comfortable gaming sessions.
✅ Wireless functionality offers unhindered gameplay.
✅ Compatible with a range of devices.
✅ Responsive buttons and triggers.
❌ Might be priced higher due to its special edition nature.
❌ Battery life could be a concern for marathon gamers.

USAOPOLY Risk Game of Thrones Strategy Board Game | Best TV Series Adaptation Board Game

USAOPOLY Risk Game of Thrones Strategy Board Game Review

Dive deep into the world of Westeros with USAOPOLY’s Risk Game of Thrones board game. Meticulously designed and filled with strategy, it’s a game that challenges your wit, much like the series itself. Whether you’re a fan of Risk, Game of Thrones, or both, this board game promises an immersive experience.

Pros: Cons:
✅ Intricate detailing capturing the Game of Thrones essence.
✅ Challenging strategy gameplay fitting the series’ theme.
✅ Multiple playable factions each with unique advantages.
✅ High-quality board and pieces.
✅ Offers both Skirmish and Dominion modes.
❌ Gameplay can be intense and might not be suitable for casual gamers.
❌ The complexity might be overwhelming for new players.

Buying Criteria: The 7 Commandments

Before splashing your cash, consider these pivotal factors:

  • Authenticity: Ensure it’s officially licensed.
  • Material Quality: Look for premium builds and finishes.
  • Edition Number: Limited edition items typically have a unique number; the lower, the more valuable.
  • Resale Value: Investigate past resale prices to gauge potential future value.
  • Package Integrity: A damaged or opened package can significantly reduce the item’s value.
  • Manufacturer Reputation: Opt for brands known for quality and authenticity.
  • Exclusivity: Determine how many units were produced. The fewer there are, the more exclusive and potentially valuable the item is.
  • User Reviews: Check feedback from other buyers to ensure product quality and satisfaction.

By the Numbers: The Market’s Meteoric Rise

According to a report by Technavio, the global gaming merchandise market is expected to balloon by $2.8 billion, with a robust CAGR of almost 8% from 2020-2024.

The Collector’s Angle

“Limited edition gaming merchandise is not just about collecting, it’s about expressing your passion and love for the game. It’s a way of connecting with the game on a deeper level,” opines Chris Erb, a doyen in video game marketing.

Beware the Pitfalls

  • Counterfeits: Rampant in the market, always buy from trusted sources.
  • Price Inflation: Due to high demand, some sellers may overprice items.
  • Wear and Tear: Some items may be damaged or show signs of aging, affecting their value.
  • Missing Certificates: Authentic limited edition merchandise often comes with a certificate of authenticity. Missing ones can devalue the item.
  • Outdated Information: Always verify the release or edition year to ensure you’re not getting an outdated version.
  • Shipping Issues: Delicate items can get damaged during shipping if not properly packaged.
  • Return Policy: Some sellers might not offer a satisfactory return policy, leaving buyers at risk.

Jack’s Two Cents

As someone who’s been knee-deep in the gaming world, I can’t stress the joy of owning a piece of limited edition merchandise. It’s not just a collector’s item; it’s a testament to our passion. So, hunt wisely, and may your collection be ever enviable!


What are the signs that a piece of game merchandise is counterfeit?

Counterfeit merchandise often lacks the level of detail and quality found in authentic products. Look for official licensing labels, inconsistencies in logos, and check reviews of the seller to ensure authenticity.

Is it necessary to have a certificate of authenticity for all limited edition game merchandise?

While not all limited edition items come with a certificate, it’s a good sign of the item’s authenticity. However, always check the credibility of the certificate itself.

Do limited edition game merchandise always appreciate in value?

While many do appreciate in value due to their rarity and demand, it’s not guaranteed. The value depends on factors like the game’s popularity, the rarity of the item, and its condition.

How should I store my game merchandise to preserve its value?

Store your merchandise in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. For added protection, consider using display cases or protective sleeves, especially for delicate or paper-based items.

Can I trust online marketplaces for purchasing limited edition game merchandise?

While many reputable sellers operate on online platforms, it’s crucial to do your due diligence. Check seller reviews, ask for additional photos, and be wary of prices that seem too good to be true.

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