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After seeking nothing but adventure, you, a local youngster, are suddenly thrust into the action by an old drunk soldier when gigantic monsters begin to attack your serene home town.

The developers of the mainline Pokémon games, Game Freak, decided to give fans a treat before the highly-anticipated Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield hit the shelves, coming in the form of the role-playing game Little Town Hero.

Costing £22.49 ($24.99) from the Nintendo eShop and only available on the Nintendo Switch, Little Town Hero didn’t receive much promotion en route to its release, with Game Freak publishing the game themselves, but the graphics and monsters showcased in the previews were enough to entice many players.

This Little Town Hero review is completely spoiler-free, and despite delving into the pros, cons, and appearance of microtransactions within the game, it only takes up to five minutes to read!

Little Town Hero review in five minutes

Game Freak rarely strays from the Pokémon franchise, but with Little Town Hero, it’s clear that they’ve put a lot of thought into creating the graphics, setting up a decent-length campaign, and devising the unique battle mechanics. The first thing that you’ll notice when you start to run around the open area is that it is simply stunning. Everything from the town to the monsters is a joy to look upon.

The story of Little Town Hero takes a little bit of time to get going, but thanks to the humorous exchanges between the protagonist and the other characters, it’s certainly not a slog to get through the prelude. Once introduced to the turn-based battle mechanics and how to use the environment, many will find that it takes practice to master.

While the names chosen for the battle mechanics are odd and initially somewhat confusing to get a grasp of, being called ‘izzits and dazzits,’ combat is very satisfying thanks to how the turn-based elements operate. As you get to customise your moves and upgrade your character, you can hone in on your preferred strategies, to an extent – although, this element of the game is a bit shallow.

Little Town Hero features plenty of gameplay, but it can feel stretched out at times, with the main mission line often pulling you off on tangents which have the smallest amount of relevancy to the story. The monster battles begin to feel a little too far between, particularly when your rival wants yet another scrap, but when they come along, they are very enjoyable.

With side quests and ways for you to upgrade and practice your battle strategies, Little Town Hero has plenty of gameplay to warrant the price, likely taking up to 20 hours or so to complete. Overall, Little Town Hero is a charming game with an innovative combat system which will often be challenging and always be gratifying.

Does Little Town Hero have microtransactions or loot boxes?

Little Town Hero does not feature microtransactions of any kind: you buy the whole game at checkout without any need or chance to spend more money.

Little Town Hero is a pretty good game

Little Town Hero features superb graphics and fantastic battle mechanics, but the story can feel a bit drawn-out at times. By far the best parts of the game are the battles with the monsters, and while the story is appreciated, more monster battles and less faffing around with the other kids of the town would have gone a long way.

The Nintendo exclusive is certainly worth playing if you enjoy turn-based combat that requires thought and strategy, but those expecting a fleshed-out RPG experience may be left disappointed on that front.

Little Town Hero review recap


  • Innovative turn-based combat that is very enjoyable.
  • Superb visuals that are a joy to play through.


  • The story’s length seems a little forced and stretched out.


Little Town Hero doesn’t have any microtransactions.

Overall Rating

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