Lunar Exploration Mini-Game comes to Nintendo Labo VR Kit

Nintendo continues to support its virtual reality gaming, this time with the moon-roaming title Lunar Exploration.

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Back when Nintendo first launched its Labo range with the Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit and Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit in 2018, eyebrows were raised simply due to the price of the product given that it was essentially construction cardboard. But Nintendo persisted, going on the release the Toy-Con 03 Vehicle Kit and their foray into the world of virtual reality gaming: Toy-Con 04 VR Kit.

Nintendo is always looking for new ways to game, and they’ve committed to the Labo range, continuing to support the Nintendo Switch accessories with plenty of games to enjoy. Now, the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04 VR Kit stands as a perfect gateway platform for players looking to experience virtual reality gaming, with the library of mini-games continuing to grow.

Nintendo Labo releases Lunar Exploration

As reported by Japanese Nintendo, the Labo VR Kit has been bolstered by the new addition of Lunar Exploration, which is free to play. In the game, players take control of a lunar rover with which they explore the surface of the moon.

Lunar Exploration may not be available in all regions at the time of its launch in Japan, but as is the case with all Labo VR mini-games, you can find out by going into the Nintendo Switch console and then into the News section. From there, you can find the Nintendo Labo channel, where there would be an article concerning the new game Lunar Exploration if it has released in your area – or the news will come up in your Latest feed. Scroll to the bottom of the article to find out how to download the game.

If the game is not available in your region, it may be possible to access Lunar Exploration through a Japanese-based account on your Nintendo Switch device.

Lunar Exploration joins an exciting range of Labo VR Kit mini-games available for download via the News pages, provided that you have the Toy-Con 04 software installed.

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