Madden 22 Offense: How to Attack Effectively, Controls, Tips and Tricks to Burn Opposing Defenses

Learn how to become an offensive guru and burn every defense in Madden 22.

Offense is a key part of Madden 22. With defense being particularly hard to figure out, quick games turn into a shoot-out. Knowing how to navigate the formations and having a good offensive scheme is vital in order to win games this year’s game.

So, here is the ultimate guide with tips and tricks on how to play offense in Madden 22.

How to play offense in Madden 22

Madden 22 offense is centered on the passing game. To achieve a good scheme, you must know your personnel and playbook like the back of your hand. Formations, concepts, play types, and personnel are easily accessed via the Madden 22 play selection screen.

Selecting a good set is key while driving down the field. Formations like Goal Line, Singleback, and I are suited more towards runs, while Gun and Pistol give the QB more protection, making them ideal for passing.

Coach adjustments are a vital aspect of the offense. With these, you can select the intensity at which players interact with the ball. For example, aggressive ball carrying will grant the player flashier jukes and powerful stiff arms, but it leaves him vulnerable to fumbling. Conservative ball carrying, on the other hand, prevents the player from performing skill moves but reduces the chances of fumbling significantly.

Makin audibles and adjustments are important aspects to master if you want to display an overpowering offense. Hot routes will widen the way that you can attack the defense and create open spaces.

Full Madden 22 offense controls PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

Pre-Play offensive controls

Momentum Factors / X-Factors VisionRT (Hold) R2 (Hold)Left Shift (Hold)
Show Play ArtLT (Hold)L2 (Hold)Left Ctrl (Hold)
Pre-Play MenuR3R3Tab
Call TimeoutViewTouchPadT
Switch PlayerBCircleF
Fake SnapRBR1Alt
Motion PlayerPress and Hold Left or Right on Left Analog StickPress and Hold Left or Right on Left Analog StickArrow Left/Right
Hot RouteYTriangleH
Flip RunFlick Left or Right on the Right Analog StickFlick Left or Right on the Right Analog StickArrow Left/Right

Passing controls

Player MovementLeft Analog StickLeft Analog StickArrows
Show Play Art/ScrambleRT (Hold)R2 (Hold)Left Shift (Hold)
Pass to ReceiverX, Y, A, B, RBSquare, Triangle, Circle, X, R1Q, E, R, F, Space
Throw Ball AwayR3R3X
Lob PassPass Icon (Tap)Pass Icon (Tap)Pass Key (Tap)
Bullet PassPass Icon (Hold)Pass Icon (Hold)Pass Key (Hold)
Touch PassPass Icon (Press and Release)Pass Icon (Press and Release)Pass Key (Press and Release)
High PassLB (Hold)L1 (Hold)Alt (Hold)
Low PassLT (Hold)L2 (Hold)Left Ctrl (Hold)
Pump FakePass Icon (Double Tap)Pass Icon (Double Tap)Pass Key (Double Tap)
Pass Leading (After Pass)Left Analog StickLeft Analog StickArrows
Playmaker Closest ReceiverRight Analog StickRight Analog StickW, A, S, D

Rushing controls

Player MovementLeft Analog StickLeft Analog StickArrows
SprintRTR2Left Shift (Hold)
Juke Left / Dead Leg / Juke RightFlick Left or Right on Right Analog StickFlick Left or Right on Right Analog StickA, S, D
Slide (QB) / Give Up / Dive (Hold)Tap X (QB)Tap Square (QB)Q
TruckPress Up on the Right Analog StickPress Up on the Right Analog StickW
Stiff ArmAXE
Pitch BallLBL1Alt
Celebration LocoLTL2Left Ctrl

Madden 22 offense tips

1. Motion block when sensing heavy blitz

Heavy blitzes are becoming more common on Madden 22, and an excellent way to stop them is with a motion block. A motion block can be successfully performed by motioning a receiver past the offensive line and snapping the ball before they get to position. This will add an extra blocker, rendering heavy blitzes useless.

2. Rollout so that your deep routes have time to develop

Rolling out of the pocket is one of the best motions that a QB can make. It buys a little more time and adds precision and power to throws on a specific side of the field. As the pass-rush engages on the O-Line, animations will be triggered, and (unless there is a contain) rolling out is a must.

3. Adjust your O-Line

O-Line adjustments are amazing when you’re planning to roll out or you sense heavy pressure from a specific side of the field. By double-teaming a defender or shifting the line, you can protect your QB for longer and prevent a quick pocket collapse.

4. Aggressive trucks in the red zone

The red zone is one of the hardest places to score in Madden 22 as runs get blown up and the field is reduced. Aggressive trucks from the Goal Line or I formations are great to combat this. By setting the ball carrier to aggressive from the coaching adjustments screen, you’ll get faster truck animations to power through the defense in those tight spaces.

5. Swap packages to get different position combinations

Madden 22 is a strategic game with many formations, personnel, and plays to choose from. If you find a formation that you like, but don’t like how specific receivers position themselves on the field, try swapping the packages. This can be performed by flicking the right analog left or right while selecting a formation. Each formation has its packages, and they can allow you to trick your opponent into selecting the wrong defensive play.

Madden 22 best offensive teams

  1. Kansas City Chiefs, 96 OFF, 90 OVR, 78, DEF
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 92 OFF, 92 OVR, 90 DEF
  3. Green Bay Packers, 91 OFF, 89 OVR, 85 DEF
  4. Cleveland Browns, 89 OFF, 87 OVR, 79 DEF
  5. Dallas Cowboys, 88 OFF, 86 OVR, 76 DEF
  6. Tennessee Titans, 87 OFF, 85 OVR, 80 DEF
  7. Buffalo Bills, 86 OFF, 86 OVR, 82 DEF
  8. Seattle Seahawks, 85 OFF, 82 OVR, 77 DEF
  9. Baltimore Ravens, 84 OFF, 88 OVR, 85 DEF
  10. Arizona Cardinals, 83 OFF, 85 OVR, 84 DEF

With these tips and tricks, you can improve your offensive skills and score for fun on your opponents in Madden 22.

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