Madden 22: Top Sleeper QBs for Franchise and MUT

This article looks at the top sleeper QBs in Madden 22 for use in Franchise Mode and MUT.

The NFL has plenty of teams with settled quarterback situations, such as Tampa Bay and Kansas City, while some others with unheralded QBs, like Washington and Las Vegas.

Some even have brewing competitions that might be settled this season, as is the case in San Francisco and Chicago. It’s in these latter teams that you’re more likely to find some sleeper QBs in Madden 2.

To find the best sleeper QBs in Madden 22, we looked for a combination of current overall rating, real-life expectations heading into the season that should translate to in-season upgrades, and (as sleeper suggests) their potential. The number one name on the list shouldn’t come as a surprise to NFL fans.

7. Teddy Bridgewater: 73 OVR (Denver Broncos, AFC West)

Bridgewater comes to a Denver team that’s still seeking a bona fide starter since the waning days of Peyton Manning’s career. He’s shown that he is a capable starting QB in the NFL, and he should be able to replicate his success in Denver. His speedis 82 with an agility rating of 85. His throw power is good at 85, and his accuracy numbers for short, mid, and deep are comparable at 87, 81, and 83, respectively.

He is helped by a speedy wideout corps, which includes Jerry Jeudy and Noah Fant at tight end. The pressure on the passing game should be diminished with a halfback like Melvin Gordon III behind Bridgewater. Bridgewater’s speed, agility, throw power, and accuracy, coupled with a dynamic back like Gordon III, should make play action a dangerous weapon in your arsenal.

6. Carson Wentz: 72 OVR (Indianapolis Colts, AFC South)

This may have to do more with the real-world expectations for Wentz in what many predict will be a comeback year. He still has stats in the game that represent the potential that will manifest should he bounce back. He has good speed (80) and agility (81) even after injuries to his knee, foot, and back. The Colts shot-caller’s throw power is great at 90, but his accuracy could be better at 83/78/78.

T.Y. Hilton being placed on the injured reserve will hamper his comeback a bit, but he still has a good group of pass catchers at his disposal. Wentz’s in-game ratings should help him elevate the receiving corps while also elevating his own ratings.

5. Jalen Hurts: 71 OVR (Philadelphia Eagles, NFC East)

Now firmly entrenched without the specter of Carson Wentz, Hurts should take a leap after last season. His speed (87) and agility (88) ratings are stellar, but do not overlook his throw power (85) and decent numbers in accuracy (84 short, 79 mid, 79 deep). This should allow you to make strong, fairly accurate throws with Hurts, particularly on the run.

His in-game stats should improve as he solidifies himself (hopefully) as Philadelphia’s starter for years to come. He will certainly be relied upon as the main fulcrum of their offense in the 2021 season and in Madden 22.

4. Tua Tagovailoa: 73 OVR (Miami Dolphins, AFC East)

Another now firmly entrenched as the starter, Tagovailoa is looking to recapture the magic of his college years. While his speed (82) and agility (79) are slightly less than Hurts’, Tagovailoa has better passing ratings with a throw power of 88 and accuracy ratings of 86, 80, and 81. He also has better awareness (76), which should help him to avoid big hits in the game.

Another notable aspect of Tagovailoa is that he’s a left-handed QB. This will mean that, if you use Tagovailoa in Franchise or MUT, you should ensure that his blind side of the right side of the offensive line is well protected as opposed to the traditional left side.

3. Jameis Winston: 73 OVR (New Orleans Saints, NFC South)

Stepping into the starting position in the wake of Drew Brees’ retirement, Jameis Winston may still be remembered more for having a 33-touchdown, 30-interception season rather than for being one of the best quarterbacks in college football history.

If you like throwing the long pass, Winston is for you. His throw power is 90 to go along with comparable accuracy numbers to Tagovailoa (85/79/82). With the offensive weapons and speed on the New Orleans roster, throwing deep passes is just a facet of the game.

He also has threats out of the backfield, so his good short accuracy number bodes well for short-yardage plays. If you can curb the tendency to throw deep or into traffic, Winston should do wonders for your team.

2. Justin Fields: 74 OVR (Chicago Bears, NFC North)

Many think it is just a matter of time before Fields takes the starting job from veteran Andy Dalton, which is a big reason why he is here as one of the best sleeper QBs in Madden 22. He was also widely considered as one of the most pro-ready QBs coming out of this year’s NFL Draft, and his ratings indicate as much.

His speed and agility are both 90 to go along with a throw power of 92 and accuracyratings of 86/82/83. From the pocket, on play-action, or scrambling, Fields should have more than enough speed, arm strength, and accuracy to make a play with his legs or his arm.

Fields’ in-game ratings will not rise until he sees more playing time and eventually takes the starting position, but once he does, his ratings should rise rapidly.

The excitement for Fields is high, and Madden 22 seems to agree.

1. Trey Lance: 74 OVR (San Francisco 49ers, NFC West)

The surprise third pick in this year’s NFL Draft, Trey Lance must also overcome an incumbent, and one who is presumably more difficult to usurp, in Jimmy Garoppolo. In real life, his lack of games in college makes him a boom-or-bust QB being drafted so highly – apt for the sleeper title.

Lance has very comparable numbers to Fields with speed and agility, both at 87, throw power at 91, and accuracy ratings of 85/79/79. What separates Lance from Fields as the number-one choice, even though Fields may play first, is that the surrounding cast is superior in San Francisco – a Super Bowl pick for some – as opposed to the roster of the Chicago Bears.

George Kittle is arguably the best tight end in the game (along with Travis Kelce). Raheem Mostert proved himself to be a reliable back last season. The receiving corps has speedy legs and veteran hands like Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, and Mohamed Sanu Sr. The offensive line should also be better than Chicago’s and protect Lance well.

The issue in real life is that there is a real question as to how much of a drop-off or improvement there would be with a QB switch (as opposed to Fields and Dalton). This is your chance to show that there is only improvements to be made by choosing Lance.

Which sleeper QB will you choose as the centerpiece of your forthcoming dynasty? Let us know in the comments below!

Bruce L

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