Madden 22: Best Playbooks for Sim

These are the best Madden 22 playbooks for Sim.

If you prefer playing on Simulation in Madden 22, then these playbooks should give you an advantage using the most realistic Game Style.

When it comes to sports games, achieving gameplay that is as realistic as the actual sport has always been a challenge. Madden’s Simulation Game Style is EA Sports’ attempt to be as realistic as possible.

This article will identify the best offensive playbooks for use in Simulation. Because of the challenge of emulating the real-life game, it would make sense to look to the successful teams and borrow from them. 

Each team will be listed in alphabetical order with corresponding plays highlighted.

Baltimore Ravens (AFC North)

Best plays:

  • Ravens Read Option (Pistol, Full House Base)Mesh Spot (Shotgun, Bunch)
  • PA FB Rub Flat (Pistol, Strong I Wing)

Lamar Jackson is a generational talent whose mere presence elevates the play of the offense. For Baltimore, it all begins and ends with Jackson on offense.

Ravens Read Option has two backfield blockers to lead the way for either halfback Ty’Son Williams or Jackson should he keep the ball. The mere threat of Jackson running may incline the defense to lean toward covering Jackson, so Williams could find a seam for a big gain. Should Jackson keep it, a big play could still be made with his legs.

Mesh Spot gives Jackson a plethora of passing options from the Shotgun. There are short and intermediate routes over the middle, a deep with the tight end, and the HB coming out of the backfield on a deep wheel route. Jackson tucking and running is always an option as well.

With play action always a threat, PA FB Rub Flat takes advantage of the defense’s attention on Jackson and other playmakers to target fullback Patrick Ricard out of the backfield on a flat route. Should he be covered, there are routes over the middle and a deep route for Jackson, and with him already moving a bit on play action, running instead of forcing it is a good choice.

Kansas City (AFC West)

Best plays:

  • Speed Option (Pistol, Wing Flex Close)
  • PA Read (Shotgun, Spread Dbl Flex)
  • Dagger (Shotgun, Bunch Y-Flex)

Patrick Mahomes is widely regarded as the best player in the game today, and the playbook in Kansas City is built around maximizing his prodigious talent.

Dagger gives Mahomes several short, intermediate, and deep routes to choose from. With his arm power, zipping in passes in small windows should not be an issue, nor should airing one down the field. Clyde Edwards-Helaire comes out of the backfield with a short option route, giving you a quick out should pressure come fast. 

Speed Option uses the speed of both Mahomes and Edwards-Helaire. Should the defense collapse on Mahomes, the pitch is there for the HB to speed up the sideline. Should they take away the HB, Mahomes should have enough open field for a modest to big gain where he can hit the sideline instead of taking a hit.

PA Read gives Mahomes an extra blocker with the HB staying. He then has a short, medium, and two deep routes to challenge the defense. The short route to the sideline can be tricky if the defense jumps the pass, so try faking that way and hitting the pass over the middle. 

New Orleans Saints (NFC South)

Best plays:

  • PA Pin Deep (Pistol, Bunch)
  • Saints Comeback (Shotgun, Eagle H-Slot)
  • Dragon Spacing (Wing Tight U)

Even with the enigmatic Jameis Winston at quarterback, New Orleans remains formidable thanks to head coach Sean Payton and his playbook. It also helps to have players like Alvin Kamara and (injured) Michael Thomas.

Saints Comeback only has two comeback routes, but the variety of route are a boon. There is a short and deep comeback route, with accompanying deep, medium, and sideline routes. The deep route is paired with the medium comeback, so you could have a one-on-one situation to drop in the deep ball. 

PA Pin Deep makes use of Kamara out of the backfield on a delayed route after the play action. If he is covered, there is a short out to the sideline with the TE, a deep comeback for the lone receiver on the left side, and two deep routes.

Dragon Spacing is ideal for 2nd and 3rd & short situations. All five potential receivers run short routes, with a slant, two comebacks, a short out, and the HB into the flat. If you need to move the chains and trust more in your passing game, this is an ideal play.

Seattle Seahawks (NFC West)

Best plays:

  • Hawks Slot Post (Shotgun, Empty Cowboy)
  • Triple Option (Pistol, Strong Slot Open)
  • PA Boot Over (Shotgun, Bunch TE)

Russel Wilson and Pete Carroll have developed into a formidable duo during the last near-decade in Seattle. A playbook that keeps Wilson moving to mitigate sacks with what have been mediocre offensive lines deserves some praise.

Triple Option makes use of Wilson’s legs and decision-making as he has two options to pitch. Should the defense collapse on Wilson, pitch to Chris Carson, Tyler Lockett, or whoever is lined up alongside him. If his pitches are taken away, there are few things scarier in football than Wilson with an open field.

Hawks Slot Post gives Wilson options at all levels. There is a short comeback route, two intermediate in routes, and two deep corner/post routes. Any pass play with Seattle also has the possibility that Wilson will break the pocket, scramble, and create a play on the fly.

PA Boot Over puts Wilson into a boot motion, putting him on the run already. Every route is built to maximize the throwing power and accuracy of being on the run as they all run in the direction of the boot. At worst, just take Wilson to the sideline for a modest gain to minimize the potential for mistakes.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC South)

Best plays:

  • Bucs Post (Shotgun, Tight)
  • Drive Y Corner (Empty Bunch Wide)
  • PA Y-Drag Wheel (Singleback, Doubles South)

A team that brought back all 22 starters from last year’s championship team, Bruce Arians’ creative playbook helps Tampa Bay remain a favorite to win the title this year. With players like Leonard Fournette, Mike Evans, and Rob Gronkowski, it is no surprise this team’s offense is so good.

Bucs Post has the receivers run variations of post routes, basically, at short, intermediate, and deep levels. The HB sprints out into the opposing flat, away from the rest of the receivers, so there could be a one-on-one opportunity with the HB against a LB, which should be to your advantage.

Drive Y Corner is a nice play with two short in routes, a deep in, and two corner routes, one on each side. Since Evans will most likely be on the short in across the middle, it could be prudent to drop off a short pass to him and let him run for a gain. 

PA Y-Drag Wheel does carry one very risky proposition: Tom Brady on a boot play. Never known for being nimble and quick, Brady has shown throughout his career he has just enough wherewithal to run a boot and make an accurate pass – provided it happens quickly. If you have enough time, set Brady and launch to the opposite after the TE – presumably Gronkowski – runs his drag and wheel route for what could be a huge gain. 

If you are playing to emulate what you see on television or in-person, then using one of these playbooks from offensive masterminds should help you become a successful Simulation player.

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