Maneater: Head Evolutions List and Guide

How to find, equip, use, and upgrade all of the head evolutions in Maneater.

Sharks are known to investigate strange objects with a bump of the head. In Maneater, the head of your bull shark houses your mighty jaw evolutions, and it can be used as a weapon.

Changing the head evolution drastically changes the appearance of your shark and offers it some bonuses.

Here, we’re going to break down how you use head evolutions, how to upgrade, and the other key details for all of the fin evolutions of Maneater – including how to unlock each one.

What are Head Evolutions?

You don’t gain access to the various head evolutions until quite late into Maneater, with each one offering a different perk and parameter boost.

You’ll start with your standard bull shark head, which changes in appearance with the body evolutions, and then you can find three head evolutions.

The Bone Head, Bio-Electric Head, and Shadow Head make up parts of the three evolution sets.

As each head evolution varies a lot, even at Tier 1, shifting the equipped head evolution will modify how you perform in combat.

For example, the Bio-Electric Head can stop boats dead while the Shadow Head offers some thrash and lunge speed boosts.

How to Upgrade Head Evolutions

If you feel like you need to improve your shark’s head evolution, you’ll need to swim back to a Grotto to perform an upgrade.

You can quickly and easily return to the Grotto of each area by fast travelling via the map screen (found by pressing up on the d-pad).

In the Grotto, press left on the d-pad to open up the Evolutions screen, and then navigate to the head evolutions option.

Here, just by hovering over a head evolution, you can see the button required to upgrade as well as the cost in nutrients. To check if you have ample nutrients to upgrade, see the top right of the screen.

When you press the button to upgrade, another screen will pop up, showing you what performing the upgrade achieves. Here, you can either confirm the upgrade or cancel it entirely.

How to Use Head Evolutions

Two of the head evolutions offer just passive benefits while the other gives you a perk for slamming.

The Bio-Electric Head disables boats when equipped, but only when you slam into them. The Bone Head offers a stack of resistance and ramming increases, and the Shadow Head boosts your lunge and thrash moves.

So, it’s a good idea to either select the head evolution that improves aspects of your preferred style of attacking, or the one which will grant further bonuses as a part of a set equipped on your bull shark.

The more evolutions from one set that you have selected, the greater the set bonus becomes.

Maneater Head Evolutions List

In Maneater, there are three head evolutions. While all of them can be upgraded to Tier 5, they each offer different benefits when applied to your shark.

In the list below, you can find all of the Maneater head evolutions. For further details on each head evolution, click the links in the table.

In Maneater, the nutrients are Protein (Red), Fat (Yellow), Mineral (Blue), Mutagen (Green).

IconHead EvolutionHow to UnlockTotal Cost to Upgrade to Tier 5
 Bone HeadDefeat the Apex Orca Whale (Caviar Key)44,000 Mineral, 525 Mutagen
 Bio-Electric HeadDefeat Commander Percy Metcalf (Infamy Rank 9)44,000 Fat, 525 Mutagen
 Shadow HeadFind all Caviar Key Landmarks44,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen

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