Maneater: Subliminal Evasion (Organ Evolution)

Find all of the details for the Subliminal Evasion organ evolution in the shark RPG Maneater.

Subliminal Evasion

The Subliminal Evasion organ helps to deter smaller aggressive creatures. The evolution can be applied to one of the three organ slots on your shark in Maneater.

You can unlock the Subliminal Evasion evolution by defeating the Apex Sperm Whale in The Gulf.

Subliminal Evasion Official Description

“This evolution makes normally hostile wildlife that are a fraction of your size neutral to you.”

How to Unlock Subliminal Evasion

To unlock the Subliminal Evasion organ evolution, you’ll need to make your way through the story until you get into the area of the Maneater map called The Gulf.

Follow the mission line which has you eating the Apex’s favoured prey in set locations around The Gulf until you are tasked with swimming to fight the Apex Sperm Whale.

Defeat the Apex Sperm Whale to unlock the Subliminal Evasion organ evolution.

Subliminal Evasion Parameter Boosts

By upgrading the Subliminal Evasion evolution to Tier 5, you’ll benefit from its enhanced passive effect as well as the following parameter increases:

  • +3 Speed
  • +10 Defence

There are 20 parts within each ratings parameter, with each section representing five points. By giving your shark an organ evolution that grants a +5 rating, you’ll fill the equivalent of one part.

Subliminal Evasion Effects and Abilities

The Subliminal Evasion organ deters smaller aggressors from pestering you with this passive effect:

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
Passive: Hostile fish smaller than 50% of your size are neutral to you.Passive: Hostile fish smaller than 60% of your size are neutral to you.Passive: Hostile fish smaller than 70% of your size are neutral to you.Passive: Hostile fish smaller than 80% of your size are neutral to you.Passive: Hostile fish smaller than 90% of your size are neutral to you.
Cost to Upgrade: 3,000 FatCost to Upgrade: 4,000 FatCost to Upgrade: 5,000 Fat and 80 MutagenCost to Upgrade: 6,000 Fat and 160 MutagenTier 5 is the highest upgrade level

Further Subliminal Evasion Details

  • Required Age: Pup
  • Icon:
  • Appearance: The Subliminal Evasion organ evolution doesn’t change your shark’s appearance.
  • Total Upgrade Materials: 16,000 Fat, 240 Mutagen
  • Set Bonuses: The Subliminal Evasion organ isn’t part of a set.

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