Maneater: Tail Evolutions List and Guide

How to find, equip, use, and upgrade all of the tail evolutions in Maneater.

In the wild, the thresher shark is famous for whipping its lengthy tail to stun its prey. In Maneater, you learn the ability to tailwhip as a bull shark and can enforce the attack with mighty tail evolutions.

Of course, the shark’s tail is also used for swimming and gaining speed, which gives the tail evolutions a couple of different uses.

Here, we’re going to break down how you use tail evolutions, what you need to do to upgrade them, and other key details like how to unlock all of the tail evolutions in Maneater.

What are Tail Evolutions?

The tail evolutions of Maneater can offer improved stats to your speed, tailwhip move, and other related aspects – such as splash radius.

From the starting bull shark tail, you’ll then be able to evolve your shark’s tail into a Bone Tail, Bio-Electric Tail, and Shadow Tail when you unlock the evolutions.

Each of them offers a different range of benefits and parameter boosts – as all evolutions do – and even at Tier 1, switching up your tail evolution will significantly differ how you approach enemy encounters.

For example, the Bone Tail offers significant boosts to your tailwhip’s power, so you may be more inclined to use the form of attack with the Bone Tail selected.

On the other hand, you can choose to keep your distance and attack from range should you pick the Bio-Electric Tail with its electric wave launch ability.

How to Upgrade Tail Evolutions

First of all, go to your map (press up on the d-pad of either console controller) and then select the small cave icon which represents a Grotto.

Either set it as your waypoint (press X on PS4 or A on Xbox One) or fast travel there by holding the button shown.

Having found your way back into your Grotto, you can evolve and upgrade your bull shark. Navigate to the tail evolutions and hover over the option that you want to improve.

The screen will show you the amount of and type of nutrients that you need to upgrade that specific tail evolution.

Once you’ve pressed the upgrade button, you’ll be taken to another screen which shows you all of the information about the next tier of the tail evolution.

If you like what you see and have the nutrients needed, press upgrade. If not, you can always cancel to keep a hold of your nutrients.

How to Use Tail Evolutions

The benefits of equipping each tail evolution option ranges from a selection of passive bonuses to increased powers when using the tailwhip move.

Both the Bio-Electric Tail and Shadow Tail enable your tailwhip attack (Layout 1: L1 or LB) to fire a projectile of sorts.

The Shadow Tail also comes with some speed buffs, while the Bone Tail evolution grants a bunch of passive boosts, ranging from tailwhip damage and force to splash radius increase.

All three increase the tailwhip move in some way, so your selection will likely come down to if you want more power in the attack or if you want to be able to attack from range.

Maneater Tail Evolutions List

In Maneater, there are three tail evolutions. All tail evolutions bolster your tailwhip attack, and they can all be upgraded to Tier 5.

In the list below, you can find all of the Maneater tail evolutions. For further details on each tail evolution, click the links in the table.

In Maneater, the nutrients are Protein (Red), Fat (Yellow), Mineral (Blue), Mutagen (Green).

IconTail EvolutionHow to UnlockTotal Cost to Upgrade to Tier 5
 Bone TailDefeat the Apex Great White Shark (Prosperity Sands)44,000 Mineral, 525 Mutagen
 Bio-Electric TailDefeat Mama Maybelle (Infamy Rank 8)44,000 Fat, 525 Mutagen
 Shadow TailFind all Prosperity Sands Landmarks44,000 Protein, 525 Mutagen

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