Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Free and Season Pass DLC Roadmap

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order has a lot of exciting extra content on the way.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is a love letter to both fans of the first two instalments of the game series and Marvel fans who had never played the games before. Featuring 38 playable characters at launch, it’s a great beat ‘em up game that’s drenched in Marvel lore.

Despite the huge roster of heroes, anti-heroes, and villains that players can put into their interchangeable squad of four, developers Team Ninja, publishers Nintendo, and Marvel saw it fit to line-up a very impressive post-launch line of content additions.

Not only will Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 have its character roster, customisation options, and game mode repertoire added to through a set of DLCs via a paid season pass, but more additional content is set to be added to the game free of charge to all.

The season pass itself follows the same structure as most Nintendo-published DLC offers: the contents of the season pass cannot be purchased separately. But when you buy the season pass, you immediately get the chef costume for Deadpool.

While we roughly know the details of the season pass DLC roadmap, we are yet to be shown which characters and modes will come with each paid update. Marvel has promised many free DLCs, according to the website Comic Book, which has been supported by apparent leaks as to which characters are set to be on the way without charge – more on that shortly. 

Here’s how the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order season pass DLC roadmap and free DLC roadmap looks to be shaping up. 

Loki launch day surprise (22 July 2019)

As a launch day surprise, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 announced that Loki would also be joining the vaunted selection of playable characters already revealed to be in the Nintendo Switch exclusive. He joined fellow mighty characters locked behind the Infinity Trials. 

Cyclops and Colossus join for free (30 August 2019)

Seen within the game as non-playable characters, many will have fought alongside Cyclops and Colossus expecting for them to join the fight after completing the area, but alas, they did not – until 30 August! 

At the end of the summer months, the two X-Men were added to the playable roster through a free update DLC pack that also included some new costumes. Spider-Man, the Hulk, and Captain Marvel got some new garb to don while battling in the game. Cyclops and Colossus can be unlocked by completing the Phi Infinity Rift.

Marvel Knights come via the season pass (30 September 2019)

The first team of new characters to join Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 via the paid season pass came under the banner of Marvel Knights. In this DLC, your roster gets bumped up by the additions of Blade, Morbius, The Punisher, and Moon Knight. 

With the additions of the part-human-part-vampire, the living vampire, the brutal vigilante, and the troubled Avenger with multiple personality disorder also came Gauntlet Mode, Endurance Mode, and a new Infinity Rift. 

The second paid DLC from the season pass (later in 2019)

All we know about the second and third DLCs coming from the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 season pass right now is that one will bring in more characters from the X-Men while the other shall introduce Fantastic Four characters. 

Based on the first DLCs, they will likely also come with new game modes or costumes. From what we’ve seen from the update roadmap so far, we’d expect this second DLC to go live at the end of November 2019. 

The third paid DLC from the season pass (2020) 

As stated above, this will feature characters joining the fight from either the X-Men associated list of characters or those from Fantastic Four storylines. With the admittedly still very early format of the DLC releases being to and fro from free and paid, we forecast that this third Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 season pass update will come out at the of January 2020. 

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 free DLC leaks

It was leaked very early on that Cyclops and Colossus would be joining the fight at the end of August, and given the structure so far, there’s space between now and the expected third season pass DLC to bring in two more sets of two free characters. 

The leaks, as detailed by iMore, indicate that Vision, Medusa, Black Bolt, and Valkyrie are on their way to the game. Releasing these characters in pairs at the end of October 2019 and December 2019 seems logical and fits the roadmap’s structure thus far. 

Now, of course, the leaks may prove to be false, and the release date predictions are exactly that, but Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order players can get excited for all of the upcoming characters and surprise additions that are on the way to the Switch game over the coming months. 

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