Marvel’s Avengers: Black Widow Best Build Skill Upgrades and How to Use

Need to know Natasha Romanoff’s best moves and the skill upgrades that you should unlock? Check out this Black Widow guide.

After fighting Taskmaster on ‘A-Day,’ it takes several main story missions for you to get Black Widow back in the ranks of the Avengers. Once you do, you’ll be able to utilise her superhuman agility and espionage skills.

The basic combat and movement controls for Black Widow are very much the same as they are for any other superhero, but in Marvel’s Avengers, each character plays very differently, with varied skills and abilities.

Here, we’re exploring the starting moves that Natasha Romanoff can use, her strengths and weaknesses, available skill upgrades, and the best Black Widow build upgrades in Marvel’s Avengers.

Using Black Widow’s basic moves

As soon as you get Black Widow, before you have had enough time to level-up and upgrade the build, you’ll find that Natasha Romanoff already boasts some very user-friendly basic moves.

By pressing the heavy attack button (Triangle/Y) several times, you’ll be able to acrobatically batter your foes with electric batons, which cause stun damage. Holding the heavy attack button will throw a concussion grenade to vault enemies.

Black Widow’s light attacks (Square/X) are potent on the ground and from an aerial start, with combinations being incredibly quick while dealing increasing amounts of damage.

You’ll also find Natasha Romanoff’s ranged attacks to be easier to use than other superheroes.’ Holding L2/LT pulls out her dual-wield pistols – which you can reload by pressing Square/X.

Either when using the Widow’s Line (tap R2/RT) or while sprinting (L3) towards an enemy, tap triangle just before you reach the target to perform a leg sweep, which vaults them up, or a dropkick, which knocks them back.

Black Widow’s strengths and weaknesses

Black Widow is very fast with both her light attacks (Square/X) and heavy attacks (Triangle/Y), and due to this speed, her dodge (O/B) is very effective.

When using regular attacks, as soon as you press evade, you’ll be clear of the enemy attack. With other slower heroes, better timing is required, but with Black Widow, you have a much larger window to perform an effective dodge because the attacks finish their movement so quickly.

Not only does the dodge move her out of the way of attacks, but it also keeps her close to the foe, allowing for very fast counter-strikes from an advantageous position.

Incorporating dodges into your usual flurries of attacks will help to master the character, especially as Black Widow has a relatively low tolerance for taking damage.

While Natasha Romanoff’s jump is very weak compared to that of the other Avengers, she has the Widow’s Line (tap R2/RT) to assist in aerial and ranged combat.

Simply fire it at an enemy to zip to them and then rain down the combos. It can be interrupted, but it is very fast-acting. Of course, you could always go trigger-happy with the pistols (L2+R2/LT+RT) instead.

If you grow accustomed to utilising Black Widow’s incredible dodging and attack speed, you may find yourself somewhat disappointed by her ultimate heroic ability (L1+R1/LB+RB), Power Surge.

While it does slightly decrease incoming damage, it seems to reduce your ability to quickly evade incoming attacks – likely due to the attacks being slower than usual. In its base form, it’s also not overly powerful ability, but it does deal shock damage.

Black Widow’s superior heroic abilities are her massively high-damage Widow’s Bite (R1/RB) and the sneaky, near-immunity-granting Veil of Shadows (L1/LB), both of which can give her back an edge when outnumbered.

Best Black Widow Primary Skills upgrades

Black Widow has five light attack upgrades, seven heavy attack upgrades, ten ranged attack upgrades, and seven defence upgrades, with 11 of the enhancements being unlocked as soon as you get to use the character in the campaign.

Playing as Natasha Romanoff gives you many different build choices: to ensure that you’re as powerful as possible as quickly as possible, it’s best to pick a preference and upgrade down that line first.

So, the best Black Widow build’s Primary Skills upgrades are based on improving what are generally the most effective ways of using the superhero.

Primary SkillUpgradeRequirementDescriptionInfo
Light AttackCyclone KickNonePress Square/X quickly after dodging to execute a whirling kick.Damage: low
Impact: medium
Stun: medium
Reaction: stagger
Light AttackSpider SweepMartial ArtHold Square/X to execute a sweeping kick that knocks down enemies.Guard: breaks block
Damage: medium
Impact: medium
Stun: medium
Reaction: knockdown
Heavy AttackBack Alley GambitNonePress Triangle/Y after dodging to perform a baton slam with long-range reach.Damage: medium
Impact: medium
Stun: medium
Reaction: slam
Ranged AttackBullet StormPistol Shot, Hero Level 3Hold L2+R2/LT+RT to charge up, then release R2/RT to fire a high-damage burst.Guard: breaks block
Damage: medium
Impact: medium
Stun: medium
Reaction: normal
Ranged AttackHigh-Calibre ShotBullet StormPress Left or Right on the d-pad to swap to high-calibre shots.Damage: medium
Impact: medium
Stun: low
Reaction: stagger
Ranged AttackPerforatorHigh-Calibre ShotWith the high-calibre shot, hold R2/RT to charge a shot that pieces targets to hit multiple foes with one shot.Guard: breaks block
Damage: high
Impact: high
Stun: low
Reaction: stumble
Ranged AttackExtended ClipPerforatorIncreases the maximum ammo capacity of the high-calibre shot pistol by two shots.N/A
DefenceWhiplashWidow’s StingPress R2/RT to parry an incoming attack, then quickly press Triangle/Y to perform an acrobatic chokehold manoeuvre that devastates nearby enemies.Guard: breaks block
Damage: low
Impact: low
Stun: low
Reaction: knockback

Best Black Widow Specialty Skills upgrades

Black Widow’s Specialty Skills upgrades menu features six single-cost, triple-choice upgrades.

There are also another three support heroic ability upgrades, three assault heroic ability upgrades, four ultimate heroic ability upgrades, and seven intrinsic ability upgrades.

For the best Black Widow build, these are the Specialty Skills upgrades that you should look to unlock. Of course, if you prefer using some of these heroic abilities over others, choose to upgrade them first.

Specialty SkillUpgradeRequirementDescription
Support Heroic AbilityNight TerrorVeil of Shadows Specialisation IIncreases the duration of Veil of Shadows by three seconds and increases critical attack chance by 25%.
Support Heroic AbilityUnseen FateVeil of ShadowsEnemies with low health that are affected by Veil of Shadows are instantly susceptible to takedowns.
Support Heroic AbilityShadow WalkerUnseen FateDefeating enemies while Veil of Shadows is active will extend the duration of the ability by 1.2 seconds.
Assault Heroic AbilitySuperstatic DartWidow’s Bite Specialisation IIncreases the range of the electric field generated by Widow’s Bite by 35%.
Assault Heroic AbilitySecond StingWindow’s BiteHold an additional Widow’s Bite dart.
Assault Heroic AbilityWrist of StingersSecond StingHold a second additional Widow’s Bite dart.
Ultimate Heroic AbilityPistol SurgePower SurgePistol damage and reload speed is increased by 20%. The charge time of ranged power attacks is slightly reduced.
Ultimate Heroic AbilityIndomitable ForcePower Surge Specialisation IIIncrease the damage resistance to 30% and reduce the severity of hit reactions for some enemy attacks during Power Surge.
Intrinsic AbilityEspionageShadow Ops, Hero Level 4Increases the amount of intrinsic Shadow Ops energy gained from attacking by 15%.
Intrinsic AbilityDeceptionEspionagePerfectly evading incoming attacks grants 15 points of intrinsic Shadow Ops energy.

Best Black Widow Mastery Skills upgrades

To unlock the best Black Widow build upgrades from the Mastery section of the Skills menu, you must first reach Hero Level 15.

After that, each of the four upgrade trees – intrinsic ability, ranged, invisibility, and utility – offer you three picks, with each one giving you the chance to choose one of three options.

These are the best Black Widow build upgrades from the Mastery Skills section for you to unlock in Marvel’s Avengers.

Mastery SkillUpgradeRequirementDescription
Intrinsic AbilityIntrinsic ChargeIntrinsic Charge SpecialisationAll attacks increase the charge rate of the intrinsic Shadow Ops metre by 15%.
RangedExtended MagazinesPistol SpecialisationIncreases the magazine size of all pistol variants: Pistol: +3Full-Auto: +6High-Calibre: +2
InvisibilityExtended InvisibilityInvisibility SpecialisationExtends invisibility granted from Veil of Shadows by two seconds.
UtilityMelee ChargeMelee SpecialisationLight and heavy attacks boost the energy of all heroic metres by 5%.

Whenever you get a chance to spend skill points on Natasha Romanoff, see if the upgrades for the best Black Widow build listed above suit your style of play.

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