Marvel’s Avengers: Hulk Best Build Skill Upgrades and How to Use Guide

Need to know Bruce Banner’s best moves and the parts of the skill trees that you should upgrade? Check out this Hulk guide.

In the core Marvel’s Avengers game, you get to play as six of earth’s mightiest heroes. You’ll enjoy a brief spell as each superhero during the prologue, and then you’ll piece the team back together as the campaign progresses.

The first of the Avengers to accompany the protagonist, Kamala Khan, in her mission against A.I.M. is none other than ‘Jolly Green’ Bruce Banner, who boasts superhuman strength, speed, regeneration, and impenetrable skin as the Hulk.

While the basic controls for using the Hulk are the same as with the other superheroes of Marvel’s Avengers, his moves and special abilities differ significantly, with the upgrades options allowing you to customise your Hulk build.

Here, we’re looking into his starting moves, strengths and weaknesses, available skill upgrades, and the best Hulk build upgrades in Marvel’s Avengers.

Using the Hulk’s basic moves

Before you even have a chance to use the Character Menu to upgrade your Hulk build, Bruce Banner’s alter ego is very powerful in many regards, as you would expect.

Hulk’s most entertaining move is the ‘Bludgeon,’ for which you hold Square/X to grab an enemy, and then whip them around by tapping Square/X or slam them down several times with Triangle/Y.

It’s a fun move, and if used well, it can deal a tremendous amount of damage to the grabbed enemy and those surrounding the Hulk. However, as the game progresses, enemies become much better at resisting the grab.

Perhaps Hulk’s most effective move, which can certainly be spammed at times, is the double heavy attack. From the ground, press Triangle/Y to slam down and then again to rip up the earth – a speedy attack which trails and has some range and area of effect.

Bruce Banner’s ultimate heroic ability, the Thunderclap, is also a wonderfully potent room-clearer. It deals a lot of damage to all in its remarkably wide path.

The Hulk’s strengths and weaknesses

The Hulk is a brutal superhero to have at your disposal. His powered-up heavy attack for smashing defences does take a bit too long to charge for use in regular combat, but other than that, most attacks are fairly quick.

As mentioned, the Hulk has a move that you can spam to great effect, using Triangle/Y and then Triangle/Y to slam and tear up the earth. He also has the ability Rage – which you can activate by holding R2/RT – that makes the Hulk’s mighty attacks even stronger.

Even though the Hulk rips up a piece of the floor to initiate his ranged attack (L2+R2/LT+RT), the attack itself isn’t as powerful as you may hope, but it was likely expected that Banner’s strengths would be in close combat.

However, it is through this need to get up close and personal that Hulk’s true weakness comes to light, with health management being a struggle at times. His dodge and base movement speed isn’t great, leaving the Hulk open to flurries of attacks before being able to smash.

Overall, though, as the Hulk’s light and heavy attacks are so powerful and fast-paced, as long as you mix in the occasional jump attack (X+Square/A+X or X+Triangle/A+Y) and area-clearing heroic ability, you can usually stave off the reaper.

Best Hulk Primary Skills upgrades

Your Hulk build can be customised by unlocking eight potential combat upgrades, eight heavy attack upgrades, seven grab attacks upgrades, and ten rage upgrades to apply skill points to in the Primary tab of the Skills menu.

Depending on your preferences when playing as Bruce Banner in Marvel’s Avengers, you may want to pursue different skill upgrade trees to create the Hulk build.

So, these are the best Hulk Primary Skills upgrades based on what is generally the most effective way to use the superhero.

Primary SkillUpgradeRequirementDescriptionInfo
CombatMeteorCannonballHold L2 and then hold R2 to grab a large piece of debris, and then release R2 to throw the debris.Guard: breaks block
Damage: high
Impact: high
Stun: high
Reaction: flyback, stumble
CombatShatter SpinMeteorWith large debris in hand, press Triangle/Y or Square/X to execute powerful melee attacks.Guard: breaks block
Damage: high
Impact: low
Stun: high
Reaction: flyback
Heavy AttackHammer StrikeHero Level 6Rapidly press 4x Square + Triangle (4x X + Y) as a combo with a massive-damage finisher.Guard: breaks block
Damage: high
Impact: high
Stun: high
Reaction: flyback
Grab AttacksSmackdownBludgeon, Hero Level 10While holding an enemy, hold Square/X to grab another. Press Square/X or Triangle/Y repeatedly to perform dual combos.Guard: breaks block
Damage: increases per hit
Impact: low
Stun: high
Reaction: flyback
Grab AttacksGamma CrusherSmackdownWith two enemies, hold Triangle/Y to deal huge damage to held enemies and send out a devastating damage shockwave.Guard: breaks block
Damage: high
Impact: high
Stun: high
Reaction: flyback
RageDevil’s RampageRageTakedowns boost the energy of the intrinsic Rage metre by 15 points.The upgrade isn’t the best, but it’s essential or almost all other Rage upgrades.

Best Hulk Specialty Skills upgrades

The Hulk’s Specialty Skills upgrades menu shows 12 potential support heroic ability upgrades, 11 assault heroic ability upgrades, 11 ultimate heroic ability upgrades, with some upgrades resulting an a one-of-three choice. There are also three pre-unlocked movement abilities.

Within each heroic ability upgrade tree, there are two instances of you using one skill point to have a choice of one from three upgrades to apply to the Hulk.

These are the best Hulk build Specialty Skills upgrades to get with your skill points.

Specialty SkillUpgradeRequirementDescription
Support Heroic AbilityFrenzyResonant FrequencyImmune to status effects while Boneshaker is active, and increases the duration by 4 seconds.
Assault Heroic AbilitySiphoning GraspStrangleholdRestores up to 60% of maximum Willpower based on the amount of damage dealt with Stranglehold.
Assault Heroic AbilityRaging GraspSiphoning GraspGrants up to 100% bonus Rage energy based on the amount of damage dealt with Stranglehold.
Assault Heroic AbilityIrradiated DestructionStranglehold Specialisation IThe impact of the final slam creates a massive area of irradiated Gamma particles, causing additional damage to those inside the hazardous area.
Ultimate Heroic AbilityGround ZeroThunderclap Specialisation IThunderclap creates a brief vacuum that pulls in nearby foes before launching them upwards with the attack. It also creates a Gamma radiation zone that inflicts additional damage and regenerates 2% Willpower per second for all teammates in the zone.

Best Hulk Mastery Skills upgrades

The Hulk has 12 positions of melee upgrades, ranged upgrades, intrinsic ability upgrades, and intrinsic overcharge upgrades within the Mastery tab of the Skills menu.

You’ll need to climb to Level 15 with Bruce Banner to gain access to the upgrade trees of the Mastery Skills, with each of the four segments giving you three branches of three single-choice selections to upgrade your Hulk build.

As each choice in the Mastery Skills will depend on the moves that you lean on, your picks of the best Hulk upgrades here may differ, but the selections below generally follow the more effective builds.

Below, you’ll find a table of the Hulk’s best Mastery Skills upgrades.

Mastery SkillUpgradeRequirementDescription
MeleeHard SwingsGrab Specialisation IIIncreases damage and impact of held enemies by 20%.
RangedMeteoricEfficiency SpecialisationIncreases the durability and damage of large debris chunks by 33.3% when using the melee light and heavy attacks
Intrinsic AbilityRaging DefenceDefence SpecialisationIncreases defensive strength by 15% while Rage is active.
Intrinsic OverchargeTemperEfficiency SpecialisationReduces the rate at which Overcharged energy drains, allowing you to stay Overcharged for longer.

As you level-up the Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers, consider using your skill points on the best build upgrades listed above.

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