Marvel’s Avengers: Ms Marvel Best Build Skill Upgrades and How to Use Guide

Need to know Kamala Khan’s best moves and the parts of the skill trees that you should upgrade? Check out this Ms Marvel guide.

Marvel’s Avengers has six core superheroes, and while you can play as each of them in the prologue before all of the game’s features are revealed, you’ll lose all of the Avengers for a time.

The game has you play through the eyes of Avengers super-fan and ‘Inhuman’ Kamala Khan, also known as Ms Marvel, who has the powers of shapeshifting and incredible healing.

While the basic controls for using Ms Marvel are the same as with the other superheroes of the game, her moves and special abilities differ significantly.

Here, we’re looking into her starting moves, strengths and weaknesses, available skill upgrades, and the best Kamala Khan build upgrades in Marvel’s Avengers.

Using Ms Marvel’s basic moves

Without performing any build upgrades from the Character Menu, Kamala Khan has a decent set of moves and combinations at her disposal, including her ability to turn into a giant quite early into the campaign.

Using light attacks and heavy attacks, Ms Marvel is relatively quick in hand-to-hand combat, with her initial light attack combination being very potent.

Known as ‘Flexi-Fists,’ tapping (Square/X) six times to land a six-hit combination sees each strike increase the damage dealt, and the final hit, a mega slap, also causes a lot of knockback.

The jump-and-punt attack is also a very useful move to deploy. By pressing (X/A) to jump, and then heavy attack (Triangle/Y), you’ll perform a midair super punt, which you can follow up with another heavy attack (Triangle/Y) to slam-fist the foe to the ground.

Of course, when ready, Kamala Khan’s ultimate heroic ability, ‘Embiggen,’ is an almighty superpower which turns Ms Marvel into a giant, causing a tremendous amount of stagger and increased damage.

Ms Marvel’s strengths and weaknesses

Regardless of if you’re using heavy or light attacks, Ms Marvel is speedy, and all of her moves have a decent amount of range due to her stretchy limbs, despite being melee attacks.

Her minor heroic abilities and ranged attacks proper, however, are a bit on the weaker side. The support heroic ability, Healing Spirit, can come in handy, but the assault heroic ability, High Five, is rather narrow and not the easiest to manoeuvre. So, it’s best to focus your Ms Marvel build on other aspects.

Like Healing Spirit, the intrinsic ability is preservation-focussed, allowing you to evade basic attacks without dodging. Still, once you’ve got the knack of evading the powerful indicated attacks, it becomes an all-but-forgotten ability.

Overall, Kamala Khan is a fun and easy superhero to use in combat and while traversing the world, especially as her strong and speedy attacks all boast a lot more range than kicks and punches should.

She is also very useful as a form of healer build when playing in the multiplayer modes, especially when you enhance her Healing Spirit support heroic ability.

Best Ms Marvel Primary Skills upgrades

Ms Marvel has six potential light attack upgrades, ten heavy attack upgrades, seven ranged attack upgrades, and seven intrinsic ability upgrades within the Primary tab of the Skills menu.

Not all upgrades are made equal, with some of these Primary Skills being better than others for the best Ms Marvel builds. Check out the table below to see Kamala Khan’s best primary upgrades.

Primary SkillUpgradeRequirementDescriptionInfo
Light AttackLeg SweepNoneDodge (O/B) and then press Square/X to perform a far-reaching leg sweep.Damage: medium
Impact: low
Stun: low
Reaction: trip
Heavy AttackHammer FistHammering StrikeIn midair, hold Triangle/Y to use a defence-breaking heavy strike.Guard: break block
Damage: medium
Impact: high
Stun: medium
Reaction: slam
Heavy AttackFists of JusticeHammer FistAfter a Hammer Fist, tap Triangle/Y four times in midair to deal increasing stun damage.Guard: breaks block
Damage: medium
Impact: medium
Stun: medium
Reaction: stagger
Heavy AttackIron SpikeFists of JusticeAt the end of the Fists of Justice combo (or by holding the heavy attack button during), press Triangle/Y to perform a heavy finisher.Guard: breaks block
Damage: medium
Impact: medium
Stun: medium
Reaction: knockback
Intrinsic AbilityHip CheckPolymorph, Hero Level 5Press R2/RT to dodge and parry attacks.Damage: medium
Impact: high
Stun: medium
Reaction: stagger
Intrinsic AbilityMorning StarHip CheckPress Square/X after a parry to knock away nearby enemies.Damage: medium
Impact: high
Stun: low
Reaction: flyback
Intrinsic AbilityPalm StrikeMorning StarPress Triangle/Y after a parry to fire high stun damage that breaks defences and slams foes.Guard: breaks block
Damage: medium
Impact: high
Stun: medium
Reactions: slam

Best Ms Marvel Specialty Skills upgrades

Ms Marvel has 12 options for her support heroic ability upgrades, 11 assault heroic ability upgrades, 11 ultimate heroic ability upgrades, and four movement ability upgrades within the Specialty tab of the Skills menu.

While all of the movement upgrades are already unlocked, there are many heroic ability upgrades to choose from for Kamala Khan.

When creating your Ms Marvel build, you’ll find that some upgrades lead you to a choice of three, from which you can only select one. It’s through these upgrades that you’ll direct your Kamala Khan build the most.

Below, you’ll find a table of Ms Marvel’s best build Specialty Skills upgrades.

Specialty SkillUpgradeRequirementDescription
Support Heroic AbilityLife SparkHealing Spirit Specialisation IHealing Spirit can be activated while downed, bypassing the need to be revived by a teammate.
Support Heroic AbilityFocussed HeartHealing Spirit Specialisation IIActivating Healing Spirit automatically grants 100% intrinsic energy for allies and yourself.
Support Heroic AbilityTeam SpiritSpirit WalkActivating Healing Spirit will automatically revive downed teammates in addition to restoring their willpower.
Assault Heroic AbilityToo SlowHigh Five Specialisation IAdds a large explosion area on impact.
Ultimate Heroic AbilityLiving LargeEmbiggenIncreases the duration of Embiggen by 5 seconds.
Ultimate Heroic AbilityObvious DistractionEmbiggen Specialisation IActivating Embiggen taunts all nearby enemies, making them focus on you.
Ultimate Heroic AbilityFists of FuryEmbiggen Specialisation IIDefeating enemies while Embiggened extends the duration of the ability by 1 second.

Best Ms Marvel Mastery Skills upgrades

Ms Marvel has 12 potential utility upgrades, ranged upgrades, efficiency upgrades, and intrinsic ability upgrades within the Mastery tab of the Skills menu.

You’ll need to climb to Level 15 with Kamala Khan to open up the upgrade trees of the Mastery Skills, with each of the four segments giving you three branches of three single-choice picks to customise your Ms Marvel build.

As each choice in the Mastery Skills will depend on the moves that you lean on, your picks of the best Ms Marvel upgrades here may differ, but the selections below generally follow the more effective builds.

Below, you’ll find a table of Ms Marvel’s best Mastery Skills upgrades.

Mastery SkillUpgradeRequirementDescription
UtilityHeroic Energy MasteryMelee Upgrade (left lane)Increases the amount of heroic energy gained by 1% from dealing damage with light and heavy attacks.
RangedGrab ProtectionRanged Upgrade (middle lane)Prevents being interrupted from enemy attacks while holding onto an enemy.
EfficiencyPolymorphic DefenceEfficiency Upgrade (middle lane)Reduces the damage received by 15% while using Polymorph.
Intrinsic AbilityRecovering ReboundIntrinsic Upgrade (middle lane)Parrying an attack with Hip Check restores 20 points of intrinsic energy.

When you level-up Kamala Khan on her journey to becoming the almighty Ms Marvel, consider the best build upgrades listed above when deciding where to use your skill points.

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