Monster Hunter Rise: “Big News and Reveals” in Upcoming Digital Event

Capcom will reveal more information about Monster Hunter Rise just before the demo hits the Nintendo Switch eShop this month.

Image Source: Monster Hunter

Standing as the next game in the long-running Capcom series – following the colossal, western market-conquering Monster Hunter World – Monster Hunter Rise will soon be available to play.

Not only does Monster Hunter Rise have a 26 March 2021 release date, but the Nintendo Switch exclusive will also offer fans the chance to try before they buy, with a January release date set for the Rise demo.

Before the arrival of the demo, and as previously teased by director Yasunori Ichinose and producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, there are some “big news and reveals” coming this week for Monster Hunter Rise.

Tune-in to the Monster Hunter Digital Event this week

On 7 January at 3 pm CET, 2 pm GMT, 9 am EST, or 6 am PST, the Monster Hunter Digital Event will go live across the official platforms. You can tune-in to the Monster Hunter Rise announcements live via their Twitch page this Thursday.

The official site states that the Monster Hunter Rise demo release date is this January; so, it would make sense that the team at Capcom would announce the demo’s release or upcoming launch during the event.

Since the announcement trailer was revealed back in September, the Monster Hunter team has gradually unveiled aspects of the story, the weapons available, some monsters, and even gameplay footage.

As detailed by the Monster Hunter website, the 7 January Digital Event will include even more details about the Monster Hunter Rise game, demo, and it’ll unveil yet another trailer.

Are more monster reveals for Monster Hunter Rise on the way?

Image Source: Monster Hunter

Continuing from the success of Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Rise will be bringing the series’ new seamless map approach to the Nintendo Switch.

Within these vast new landscapes, the sprawling PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 title featured more than 30 large monsters to hunt. It was far fewer than most titles in the series, but that was to be expected with so much going into bringing it to the standards of a triple-A console title.

For Monster Hunter Rise, 18 large monsters have been detailed to date. The new headline monster of the game is the fanged wyvern Magnamalo. Also joining the fold are the leviathans Somnacanth, fanged beast Bishaten, bird wyverns Aknosom and Great Izuchi, amphibian Tetranadon, and temnoceran Yatsukadaki.

Image Source: Monster Hunter

Returning from previous games in the series, you’ll also be able to find the Anjanath, Arzuros, Great Wroggi, Jyuratodus, Khezu, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Pukei-Pukei, Rathalos, Rathian, Royal Ludroth, and Tobi-Kadachi.

It’s a solid batch of new and returning large beasts to take on in Monster Hunter Rise. That said, given the history of the game series and the multi-monster event in-game known as ‘The Rampage,’ there’s a chance that more will be announced during the Digital Event.

The presentation on 7 January is set to detail more about the game and the Monster Hunter Rise demo. So, it shouldn’t be long before fans of the Capcom series can go on their first new hunt on the Nintendo Switch.

Be sure to tune-in to the official Monster Hunter channels at 6 am PST, 9 am EST, 2 pm GMT, or 3 pm CET on Thursday for a new look at Monster Hunter Rise.

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