Monster Hunter Rise: Version 2.0 Introduces Teostra, Kushala Daora, Chameleos, and more

Get ready for new elder dragons to hunt and custom armour options in this free update for the Nintendo Switch title.

Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube
Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube

Monster Hunter Rise has been a huge hit on the Nintendo Switch, offering a superb experience for both solo players and squads of hunters.

With so many weapons and armour sets to upgrade, hunts to go on, and ranks to climb, there’s already a lot to take on in MH Rise, particularly after the story finishes.

Now, there’s even more content on the way. On 28 April, Monster Hunter Rise Version 2.0 arrives, bringing with it new ways to hunt Apex monsters and more elder dragons.

Highlights of the MH Rise 2.0 update

These are the key features coming with the free Monster Hunter Rise Version 2.0 update on 28 April:

  1. Elder dragons Teostra and Kushala Daora come to MH Rise;
  2. Chameleos comes to MH Rise as a huntable monster;
  3. Apex Rathalos and Apex Diablos become available;
  4. Some of the Apex monsters become available in regular quests;
  5. New armour kits and weapons to unlock;
  6. Magnamalo will be able to appear in Rampage Quests;
  7. Hunter Rank cap becomes unlockable, granting access to update monsters;
  8. A new high-rank Rampage quest will be added;
  9. Buddy Level cap gets unlocked up to level 50;
  10. Armour upgrade level cap gets unlocked;
  11. Several advanced Rampage quests, Arena quests, and single-player-only quests added;
  12. Forge Layered Armour after unlocking your HR cap;
  13. Paid cosmetic DLC will become available alongside the free Ver.2.0 update, which includes new stickers, gestures, BGM, poses, hunter voices, face paints, and the option to change your appearance.

Further features of Version 2.0

As well as the content coming with the Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 update above, these features will also be added to the game on 28 April:

  • New monsters will start to intrude on some of your quests;
  • New monsters will become available in Hub and Village quests;
  • New quests and requests will become available;
  • New Rampage Skills and regular skills will become available;
  • Layered Armour and new decorations added to the Smithy’s forge;
  • Default Palamute and Palico level from the Buddy Scout gets an increase;
  • New Guild Card awards will become available;
  • Character Edit Vouchers can be purchased to change your character’s appearance;
  • Some bug fixes have taken place, as listed on the official site.

MH Rise 3.0 arrives at the end of May

Monster Hunter Rise only launched at the end of March, and one month later, we already have the first major update with new quests, features, and monsters.

At the end of May, MH Rise Version 3.0 will arrive on the Nintendo Switch exclusive, delivering several new monsters and a new story chapter.

This additional chapter will take place after the original ending, hinted at being Kamura Village’s biggest Rampage yet.

So, Monster Hunter Rise players will get a few new mighty monsters and a bunch of new content to explore from 28 April and can look forward to even more additions to the game with Version 3.0.

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