Monster Hunter Rise: Version 3.0 Introduces New Story Ending, Valstrax Variant, and more

Another free update for Monster Hunter Rise is on the horizon; here’s what’s coming with Version 3.0 of the popular Switch game.

Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube
Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube

Back in April, Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 introduced a tremendous amount of content for a free update that arrived just one month after the game’s launch.

Now, yet another free update is on the way. Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 brings in a new ending to the story, at least two challenging new monsters to hunt, a bunch of new quests, and some aesthetic items.

Here’s what you need to know about the May 2021 MH Rise update.

MH Rise Ver.3.0 arrives on 28 May with new monsters

Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube

The big new addition to Monster Hunter Rise with Version 3.0 is the new Elder Dragon, Crimson Glow Valstrax. Coming in as a new variant of Valstrax, the flagship monster of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, in MH Rise, it’ll pose a completely new challenge.

Crimson Glow Valstrax will not only fire multiple energy orbs from its wings when grounded, but it’ll also launch huge attacks from above the clouds. Thanks to the shape of its wings, the Valstrax variant can fly to tremendous heights, essentially take on the form of a comet, and then crash into the ground.

Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube

Potentially posing an even greater challenge than the new Elder Dragon is the new Apex monster, the Apex Zinogre. A tremendously aggressive and powerful monster in the base game, the Apex Zinogre dons golden lighting across its body and looks even faster and more powerful in its new form.

These are the two monsters that featured in the Ver.3.0 reveal, but there’s a good chance that yet another is on the way, coming as a part of the new story ending.

A new ending to the MH Rise story arrives with Ver.3.0

As detailed, lightly, in the Monster Hunter Digital Event – May 2021 showcase, shown above, the game will get a brand new ending for its story.

In the short cinematic shown, the twins appear to almost demonically summon the Wind Serpent Ibushi and Thunder Serpent Narwa, which fly together and begin to swirl into the air.

Given the elemental persuasions of these two Elder Dragons, it seems that they’re coming together to forge some kind of almighty storm to usher in a Rampage, if not summon or forge an even more powerful monster.

Of course, in MH Rise, the tale that sees you face the two Elder Dragons does elude to their offspring, so this will most likely be the culmination of that storyline.

In any case, the game’s director, Yasunori Ichinose, kept the cards close to his chest on this matter, not giving away any further details on the new story ending.

More content coming with MH Rise 3.0

Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube

With new monsters and a new ending to the story on the way, Version 3.0 will also come with the following new features and inclusions:

  • New monsters for Hub Quests.
  • New monsters for Rampages.
  • New quests.
  • New boss battle arena.
  • New weapon trees, armour, layered armour, and items.
  • New Rampage Skills and skills.
  • Change the appearance of Rampage weapons with new materials.
  • New Guild Card medals.
  • Plus, bug fixes.

The free update will be 1.4GB in size when it arrives on 26 May, which brings the total size of the two free updates to date to 2.9GB, and the game’s total size 9.5GB – if you downloaded it from the eShop.

Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube

As well as the free update, further paid DLC will become available on Version 3.0’s launch day, which includes: new male and female hunter voices, hunter layered armour sets, Palamute and Palico layered armour sets, pose sets, stickers, face paints, hairstyles, and Cohoot outfits.

Monster Hunter roadmap through the summer revealed

Image Source: Monster Hunter, via YouTube

As we progress through the summer, Monster Hunter Rise will feature in several crossovers and get an additional update with Version 3.1 at the end of June.

The crossovers begin with the Capcom Collab 1 event, taking place in mid-June. Players will be able to get their hands on a Tsukino Costume – from Monster Hunter Stories 2 – as a form of Palico layered armour.

Continuing the crossover between MH Rise and MH Stories 2, players who have a Rise save on their Switch will receive Kamura Garb layered armour for their characters in Stories 2. On the flip side, in MH Rise, you’ll be able to get Rider hunter layered armour sets if you have save data from MH Stories 2, which comes out on 9 July 2021.

The Capcom Collab event will continue throughout the summer, with Capcom Collab 2 arriving at the end of July as a part of MH Rise Ver.3.2, and Capcom Collab 3 launching at the end of August with Ver.3.3.

In short, it was another impressive showing from the Monster Hunter Rise team, with a great deal of content arriving on 26 May and even more on the roadmap through the summer months.

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