Monster Hunter Rise: Wyvern Riding, New Monsters, Limited Time Demo Dates Revealed

See all of the new monsters of Monster Hunter Rise, the new monster-riding feature, and details about the demo from the Digital Event right here.

Image Source: Monster Hunter
Image Source: Monster Hunter

Still set for its exclusive Nintendo Switch release on 26 March 2021, the Monster Hunter Digital Event unveiled a lot more information about the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise game.

Not only did it showcase new monsters, locales, and characters, but it also revealed the new feature known as Wyvern Riding, which allows you to mount and control monsters in the wild.

Here’re the key points from the wave of new information about Monster Hunter Rise.

New monsters revealed for Monster Hunter Rise

As anticipated, the presentation hosted by producer Ryozo Tsujimoto added to the roster of large monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, offering a look at even more new monsters coming to the game.

The featured large monsters were predominantly new to the Monster Hunter series, with the video focussed on the new locale Frost Islands, giving us a closer look at six new monsters to the Monster Hunter Rise roster:

  • Goss Harag (Fanged Beast)
Image Source: Monster Hunter
  • Barioth (Flying Wyvern)
Image Source: Monster Hunter
  • Great Baggi (Bird Wyvern)
Image Source: Monster Hunter
  • Lagombi (Fanged Beast)
Image Source: Monster Hunter
  • Tigrex (Flying Wyvern)
Image Source: Monster Hunter
  • Mizutsune (Leviathan)
Image Source: Monster Hunter

Also featured were some monsters that had already been revealed, including the flagship monster Magnamalo and the flying wyvern Khezu.

Looking at the encounters to come, the two that stood out were the hinder movement attacks of the Mizutsune and the Great Baggi being able to induce the sleep status. That’s not to say, however, that the surprisingly speedy belly slides of the Lagombi don’t have the potential to catch hunters off guard.

Introducing Wyvern Riding to Monster Hunter Rise

Image Source: Monster Hunter

The title ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ derives from many of the maps requiring you to scale cliffs to ascend to monster hunting areas, using vertical aspects of the environment to explore and track. A key feature of this method of traversing the world is the new tool called the ‘Wirebug.’

Effectively used as a grappling wire, you’ll be able to sling up to elevated platforms. As revealed in the Digital Event, the Wirebug will also be your tool for using the game’s newest feature: Wyvern Riding.

Once you have reached the unlock requirements, you’ll be able to sling your Wirebug around large monsters to ride them, control their attacks, and even ram them into walls to stun the beasts.

Image Source: Monster Hunter

While Wyvern Riding implies that you’ll only be able to use the Wirebug technique on creatures like the Barioth or Tigrex, the Monster Hunter Digital Event footage showed it in use with an Arzuros, as seen above.

Due to the Arzuros being a fanged beast class of monster, it stands to reason that more than just wyverns can be mounted in the wild by using the Wyvern Riding feature.

Monster Hunter Rise demo is live for a limited time

Image Source: Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter Rise demo release date is 7 January 2021 (the day of the Digital Event), but it’s only available for a limited time. Found on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop, you’ll be able to play the demo until 1 February 2021, closing at 9 am CET, 8 am GMT, 3 am EST, or Midnight PST.

There’s plenty to explore in the demo, with director Yasunori Ichinose showcasing four quests for you to try. You can try a beginner difficulty quest to slay a Great Izuchi, an intermediate difficulty quest to kill a Mizutsune, learn the ropes in the Basic Training Quest, or try out the newest feature in the Wyvern Riding Training Quest.

In the demo, all 14 weapon classes will be available for you to test, and it can be enjoyed in single-player, local co-op, or online multiplayer modes.

For more information, you can see the whole Monster Hunter Digital Event presentation for Monster Hunter Rise below.

The Monster Hunter Digital Event gave followers of Monster Hunter Rise a good look at some new monsters and the exciting new Wyvern Riding mechanic. Better still, the presentation’s host stated that even more information will arrive before the game’s 26 March release.

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