NBA 2K22 Badges: Backdown Punisher Explained

The Backdown Punisher badge is something that you’ll need to assert yourself down low. If you're looking to learn more about this badge, look no further.

Operating in the post requires a number of badge animations that will help you to be a consistent threat with the ball inside the paint. 

While there’s no doubt that you need badges related to scoring in the post, you also need those supporting badges that lead you there. The Backdown Punisher badge is one such example, and will help you to make the most of your abilities in the paint. 

What is a Backdown Punisher badge and what does it do? 

A Backdown Punisher is a player capable of bullying their opponent in the paint, and having this badge increases your chances of successfully backing down your opponent. It’s typically used by big men, but wing players may want this badge as well for when they manage to secure a mismatch. 

Badge Type: Finishing badge 

How do you use the Backdown Punisher badge?

PlayStation or Xbox 

Hold down L2 + R2 (Post Up + Sprint) buttons then move your left joystick in the direction of the basket.  


Hold the post-up button (Left Shift) and sprint (Numpad Enter). Move your player towards the direction of the basket using your w(up)/a(left)/s(down)/d(right) keys. 

How to unlock the Backdown Punisher badge 

  • Bronze: 56 Post Control
  • Silver: 68 Post Control
  • Gold: 76 Post Control
  • Hall of Fame: 85 Post Control

Best builds to use for the Backdown Punisher badge  

  • Paint beast 
  • Centers 
  • Power Forwards 

Best badges to use with the Backdown Punisher badge

  • Hooks Specialist 
  • Fearless Finisher 
  • Grace Under Pressure 
  • Rise Up 
  • Dream Shake 

Best takeover to use with the Backdown Punisher badge

As tempting as the Rim Protector takeover badge is, we’re giving an edge to the Glass Cleaner takeover badge, predominantly because Backdown Punishers aren’t expected to defend the perimeter shots. 

The most that you’ll typically be asked to do at the defensive end of the floor is to alter a driving layup or dunk with your interior defense and make sure you get every board that falls your way. This badge also gives you an increased ability to finishing putbacks consistently after an offensive rebound. 

Tips for using the Backdown Punisher badge 

For bigs 

  • Create mismatches by setting picks for the ball handler. Once the switch occurs, perform a post-up move on your smaller defender. 
  • Utilize your Dream Shake badge by making your defender bite on your pump fake after backing him down in the post. The Grace Under Pressure badge will help here too. 

For wing players 

  • Be sure that you aren’t backing down a big man, because even with the Backdown Punisher badge you’ll have minimal chance of a successful conversion under the 2K meta. 
  • Do not rely on this badge if you plan to be a fade away scorer. 

For guards 

  • You can utilize the Backdown Punisher badge when met with a good perimeter defender and you are struggling to score easy layups due to the 2K meta. 
  • Make sure that you have your Dream Shake and Grace Under Pressure badge if you want to go the Backdown Punisher route for a guard. 
  • Another alternative is to use your playmaking badges such as the Dimer and Bullet passer, instead of forcing offense through the Dream Shake and Grace Under Pressure badge. 

What to expect once you have the Backdown Punisher badge 

The 2K meta will always win at the end of the day, and the Backdown Punisher badge alone won’t do the job when two bigs play one-on-one in the post. You can, however, use it to your advantage on mismatches, when you find a wing or guard defending you after a switch. 

While the badge animations are effective for post moves, it’s not a standalone finishing badge like the Fearless Finisher or Posterizer. The best strategy is to make this your final badge to cap off your list of finishing badges.


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