NBA 2K22: Best Badges for a (PG) Point Guard

Traditional point guards might be less common than they once were in the real NBA, but in NBA 2K22 there's still room for them to prosper.

While plenty of point guards focus more on their 3-point shot nowadays, there’s still scope to be the facilitator on offense with the 2K meta. Playing like a traditional point guard, rather than purely a shooter or isolation player, is a quality that’s well-appreciated in 2K22.

The best PG badges in NBA 2K are those meant for an actual point guard, and make it even more fun to do more than just score.

What are the best badges for a point guard (PG) in 2K22?

The current 2K meta makes it harder to score, and missing three shots or more in succession will see you get cold easily. The best way to avoid this is to be a point guard playing in a more traditional role.

Some might pick the position because the ball always starts at the point, and by playing as a point guard you avoid having to call too much for passes. It’s also a quick way to earn some superstar points, with these accumulating whenever you have an assist.

So what are the best badges for a Point Guard in 2K22? Here they are.

1. Floor General

One thing a point guard must do is to make teammates better. Helping you to do this is the Floor General badge, which enables you to give teammates an offensive attribute bonus when your player is in the game. The point god Chris Paul has this badge at a Gold level, so do yourself one better and have yours up on Hall of Fame.

2. Dimer

Something that always demonstrates a high basketball IQ is an ability to find the open teammate. How many times have you been frustrated by passing the ball in the direction of an open teammate only to find that the 2K meta isn’t in your favor? The Dimer badge helps to make sure that your open teammate gets that pass and makes the shot, so it’s best to have this one on Hall of Fame level too.

3. Needle Threader

The Needle Threader badge is more of a support animation than something to rely too heavily on. The 2K meta usually makes tough passes a sure turnover, but instead of blaming the game developer, one solution to help minimize such occurrences is to have at least a Gold badge for this one.

4. Bailout

You know that moment when you think you’ve played the perfect defense, only for your opponent to outsmart you and pass to an open teammate in the corner? With the Bailout badge, you can do the same, and a Gold level is where you need to get it to.

5. Triple Threat Junkie

This badge helps to maintain the flow of offense after you blow past the defense. To make it worthwhile, it’s good to have at least a Gold one for this.

6. Ankle Breaker

Speaking of blowing past defenders, you’ll need to make sure that you first rock their center of gravity to throw them off balance. Make sure that you have a Gold or Hall of Fame level Ankle Breaker badge to maximize its impact.

7. Acrobat

One thing that you’ll see yourself do often as a point guard is to call for picks. These usually mean an easy drive to the basket, and an Acrobat badge will help you to convert your shot despite the help defense. You’ll want this one at a Hall of Fame level.

8. Fearless Finisher

You’ll only need two important offensive badges for your traditional point guard, and you might as well perfect your driving game with the Fearless Finisher badge to help convert through contact. Make sure this one is on a Hall of Fame level too.

9. Clamps

There’s no need for those pickpocket or interceptor badges, because the current 2K meta is designed to make even the slowest big men as capable as Matisse Thybulle when it comes to steals. The Clamps badge makes it even easier, and getting it to a Gold level will help you out enormously.

10. Tireless Defender

Sustainability on defense is essential, and being a Tireless Defender will help you to be a perimeter menace at that end of the floor all game. All that you need is a Gold level on this badge too and you are good to go.

What to expect when using badges for a Point Guard

It’s not the end of the world if you’re struggling to shoot on NBA 2K22, and being a point guard might be a good solution for you.

As you may have noticed, we didn’t add any shooting badges above, since as a traditional point guard, you’ll only be shooting threes if you’re wide open.

Focus on increasing your speed and other athletic and finishing attributes when building your ultimate point guard. That way, you will be able to utilize these badges better when on both ends of the floor.

With these badges, expect your point guard to be more of a slasher than a shooter. They’ll play in a similar vein to the likes of Chris Paul, Luka Doncic, and maybe even Russell Westbrook if you choose to be the athletic type.

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