NBA 2K22: Best Badges for a (SG) Shooting Guard

The traditional shooting guard position might be somewhat redundant in the real NBA, but when you’re playing NBA 2K the position is restored to its former glory.

Known as “the other guard” in 2K introductions, the small forward position is pretty flexible these days. 

Some point guards easily slide up to this position while the more agile forwards want to slide down, making it arguably the most loaded position in the entire 2K game. 

Kobe Bryant was the ultimate shooting guard and had he been drafted in the late 2000s, he could have had an even longer and more iconic career in the NBA. We can recreate the type of player that he was with the best badges for a shooting guard. 

What are the best badges for a shooting guard (SG) in 2K22? 

While we mentioned the late, great Kobe Bryant, we won’t copy the exact badges that he possessed. All we need is those that will get the job done. 

The modern-day shooting guard does, however, prefer to shoot the ball more, just like Kobe did, so the below badges place a particular emphasis on that skill.

Below are the best badges for a shooting guard in 2K22.  

1. Deadeye 

The prototypical shooting guard is expected to carry a big load on offense, so it’s a must to have the Deadeye badge to make sure that no defender fazes you. Shoot it up all the way to Hall of Fame for best results. 

2. Difficult Shots 

Carrying the load on offense means that you’ll be doing a lot of dribbling and shooting off it, so you’ll need the animation the Difficult Shots badge provides. Make sure that this one is all the way up to Hall of Fame as well. 

3. Blinders 

Once you start heating up, it’s inevitable that you’ll get double-teamed, and if you don’t then the defender who you just blew past will be chasing you as you set up your shot. Ensure that doesn’t bother you with a Hall of Fame Blinders badge. 

4. Sniper 

While fadeaways are a tool that a shooting guard needs in their arsenal, the move does not work well with the current 2K meta. Replace it with at least a Gold Sniper badge. 

5. Chef 

We made Kobe Bryant an example of the ultimate shooting guard. It makes sense that you’d follow his lead and shoot threes off the dribble playing the same position, and you can make yourself shoot better with at least a Gold Chef badge. 

6. Hot Zone Hunter 

Having the Hot Zone Hunter badge may seem forced on a ball-dominant shooting guard but it still helps your chances of scoring more buckets. That said, a Gold badge should be enough for this one. 

7. Green Machine 

Feeling the flow? Well, with the Green Machine badge, you’ll shoot better with consecutive excellent releases. With that comes the need to have a Gold badge for this one. 

8. Space Creator 

If there’s one thing that the 2K meta has always been a fan of, it’s being able to shoot when there is ample space. The Space Creator badge can be a major booster so make sure that you have at least a Gold one. 

9. Rhythm Shooter 

What happens once you’ve created space? You still need to finish the job, and the Rhythm Shooter badge helps you to score better having broken down your defender. A Hall of Fame level badge is needed here. 

10. Volume Shooter 

As a shooting guard, you’ll have plenty of shot attempts and the Volume Shooter badge makes sure that hand heats up as the game goes on. Put this one up on Hall of Fame and thank yourself later in the game. 

11. Clutch Shooter 

No matter how much effort you put on offense, if you can’t close the game out, you’re still going to lose. The Clutch Shooter badge will help you finish things off, making you shoot better towards the end of the game. We’re going to one-up Kobe here and put ours on a Hall of Fame level. 

12. Mismatch Expert 

We could have chosen the Giant Slayer badge, but you’ll need every advantage that you can get in shooting. Make sure that you have a Gold Mismatch Expert badge to smoothly nail that jumper over a bigger opponent. 

13. Acrobat 

Since superstar shooting guards are scoring machines, you’ll need to be as good with layups as you are at shooting the ball. The Acrobat badge will help you to hit high degree of difficulty layups better, and a Gold badge is enough for this one. 

14. Fearless Finisher 

Speaking of difficult layups, it’s even more difficult hitting through contact. Good thing the Fearless Finisher badge has your back here, and you can make the most of it by putting it on Hall of Fame. 

15. Slithery Finisher 

How about making that layup or dunk finish even smoother? The Slithery Finisher badge is what you need here, so level it up to Gold and you’ll see the results. 

16. Pro Touch 

Speaking of slick layups, timing is essential and the Pro Touch badge knows when it’s best to release that finger roll. Put this one on Gold as well. 

17. Limitless Takeoff 

While gone are the days of the heavy slashing shooting guards and small forwards, you never know when you’ll need the Limitless Takeoff badge so we suggest you have a Gold one in your arsenal. 

18. Ankle Breaker 

We talk about slashing, but how do you get there? The Ankle Breaker badge helps you freeze or drop a defender during dribble moves. You’ll need a Gold badge to add that flash to your dribble. 

19. Quick First Step 

Another valuable skill for a small forward is speed when blowing past your defender. That’s what the Quick First Step badge is for, so make sure that this one is at least Gold. 

20. Hyperdrive 

Hyperdrive is pretty self-explanatory – it simply means boosting your dribble skills while on the move. Be sure to put this one on Hall of Fame. 

21. Menace 

Shooting guards are also expected to be excellent perimeter defenders. In fact, some shooting guards don’t like doing much offense and find defensive stops even more fulfilling. It’s best to have a Hall of Fame Menace badge in your defensive arsenal. 

22. Clamps 

One of the most frustrating things in basketball is being the best defender in the world only for it to be countered by a screen (more on that later). The Clamps badge boosts your ability to stay in front of the ball handler on the perimeter, so don’t settle for less than Gold. 

23. Pick Dodger 

The Pick Dodger badge is the perfect combo with the Clamps. Even the top ten defenders of all-time combined into one player would be useless once a screen is set, but this badge will help you to slither through those picks. Make it count with a Hall of Fame level badge. 

24. Intimidator 

If you’re a star defender, nobody will even think of scoring on you. That’s hard to do, but you can at least force them to alter their shots with the Intimidator badge. This one is another that you can put on Hall of Fame level. 

25. Tireless Defender 

Sustenance is key in 2K, and you need to be able to defend effectively until the game ends. To help yourself get there, you’ll need at least a Gold Tireless Defender badge to make sure that you don’t lose too much energy when exerting effort on defense. 

What to expect when using badges for a shooting guard 

Shooting guards are expected to be good defenders no matter what – that’s why so many of them are labelled as 3-and-D players. 

If you want to take your game to the next level, you’ll need to focus on your defense as much as you do on improving your scoring arsenal. You’ll notice that the best shooting guards in the game have at least a B+ on their perimeter defense. 

We know that this is an era in which players like to score and do nothing else. What makes a player legendary, however, is being able to contribute as many defensive stops as you do points. 

Add that defensive tenacity with a little bit of mamba venom into your player, and you will definitely become the best shooting guard in 2K22. 


Jaime is a writer, digital content creator, avid gamer and sports enthusiast with a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication from the University of Perpetual Help.
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