NBA 2K22: Shortest Players in the Game

These are all the shortest players in 2K22.

Many NBA players with smaller statures have a tough time matching up with opponents, the vast majority of whom are well over six feet. Players with limited height invariably find themselves in mismatches on defense, and opposing teams are as good at exploiting this as they ever have been.

Despite this disadvantage in height, however, many diminutive NBA players are able to excel through other facets of their game, such as impeccable shooting or hard-nosed defense. Having those standout skills is integral in consistently contributing for their team and keeping a spot on the roster.

These are the seven shortest players in the NBA today.

Isaiah Thomas (5’9”)

Overall Rating: 77
Team: Free Agent
Archetype: 3-Point Playmaker
Best Stats: 97 Hustle, 89 Acceleration, 87 Ball Handle

After his MVP-caliber season for the Boston Celtics in 2017, the career of Isaiah Thomas has taken a drastic turn. A hip injury has caused him excruciating pain over the last few years, but despite his troubles he remains one of the most talented point guards in the league.

With a score-first mentality, Thomas has a rating of 80 on his mid-range shot and 85 on his three-point shot, both of which are crucial given his small stature. He also has phenomenal ball handling skills with a rating of 87.

Thomas has a total of 30 badges, highlighted by Gold Giant Slayer and Gold Mismatch Expert. He is alsoequipped with 11 other Silver badges, all of which are pivotal components of the game of this 5’9” maestro from Seattle. 

Chris Clemons (5’9”)

Overall Rating: 73
Team: Free Agent
Archetype: Offense Initiator
Best Stats: 95 Shot IQ, 90 Hands, 90 Hustle

Chris Clemons is a streaky sniper who can shoot the lights out at any given night, but he was used only sparingly on his previous team, the Houston Rockets. He has a Bronze Downhill and Bronze Quick First Step badge, both of which suggest that he has lightning speed to go along with his shooting ability.

Clemons is still hoping to crack an NBA starting line-up, but he could also have a role as a spark plug off the bench. In addition to his speed, he also has a rating of 90 for hands and 86 for ball-handling, both of which are pivotal skills in a backup point guard role.

The 24-year-old must improve his defending and inside scoring to retain his place in the league. His outside scoring potential is decent enough, but he must enhance his production in that part of the game in order to flourish in the NBA.

J.J. Barea (5’10”)

Overall Rating: 75
Position: PG/SG
Team: Free Agent
Archetype: Playmaking Shot Creator
Best Stats: 97 Shot IQ, 88 Pass IQ, 85 Pass Accuracy 

J.J. Barea’s biggest accomplishment of his career is being a rotational piece in the 2011 championship run of the Dallas Mavericks. Still going strong a decade later, the shifty point guard is not afraid to challenge big men on the rim, as highlighted by his Bronze Giant Slayer Badge.

Despite his advanced age, Barea’s abilities have not dwindled much from his peak years. He is still renowned for his impressive outside shooting, highlighted by an 84 mid-range shot and 82 three-point shot. Moreover, Barea has four Silver badges that help significantly in the efficiency of his long-range bombs.

His playmaking and facilitating prowess is another facet that teams could use if they acquire the services of Barea. He sports an 83 ball handle and 85 pass accuracy, making him a potentially valuable addition for teams lacking an orchestrator for their offense.

Tremont Waters (5’10”)

Overall Rating: 70
Position: PG
Team: Maine Red Claws
Archetype: Playmaker
Best Stats: 91 Speed, 91 Acceleration, 90 Speed with Ball

Over the past few years, Tremont Waters has had limited chances off the bench to showcase his talent. With new coach Ime Udoka at the helm, however, the Boston Celtics underwent a roster overhaul, and relegated Waters to the NBA G-League.

Waters is one of the fastest individuals on NBA 2K22, with 91 speed and 91 acceleration. Along with that, he also has 90 speed with ball and 87 hustle, both of which are valuable attributes for players looking for a second shot in the NBA.

The former Celtic has four Bronze badges in Bail Out, Ball Stripper, Hyperdrive, and Pick Pocket. He also has decent defensive abilities courtesy of an 82 steal and 80 lateral quickness rating, which is a tremendous asset for a point guard with a small stature.

Jared Harper (5’10”)

Overall Rating: 67
Team: Free Agent
Archetype: Offense Initiator
Best Stats: 93 Speed, 93 Acceleration, 91 Vertical

Jared Harper went undrafted in 2019, but was ultimately given an opportunity by the Phoenix Suns. Still just 24 years old, he has a plethora of attributes to improve on with his 67 overall rating and his archetype as an Offense Initiator.

Harper is able to split through defenses with his 93 speed, 93 acceleration, and 91 speed with ball. Though these movement qualities are valuable for a player of his size, to take his game to the next level he needs increase his production with his inside and outside scoring as well.

Harper already has a decent three-point shot at 77 and adequate ball handling ability at 79, but he must continue working on his craft in order to become a legitimate threat at the NBA level.

Facundo Campazzo (5’11”)

Overall Rating: 77
Team: Denver Nuggets
Archetype: 2-Way Pass-First Point
Best Stats: 95 Shot IQ, 95 Hustle, 86 Pass IQ

Facundo Campazzo is one of the toughest and most fearless guards in the NBA. One of the oldest rookies in the league, his relentlessness and ferocity is admirable. The Argentine boasts ratings of 95 hustle, 86 pass perception, and 83 steal, demonstrating his sensational defensive abilities.

Campazzo has a total of 14 badges with three sitting on a Gold level – Ball Stripper, Bullet Passer, and Hustler. Though his defensive tenacity is a strength, he is also able to facilitate and orchestrate the offense for the Denver Nuggets, proven by his 86 pass IQ and 82 pass accuracy ratings.

The 30-year-old has five other badges at the Silver level, which further highlight the fact that he can be effective on both offense and defense. He also has a lethal three-point shot and a reliable free throw rating, both of which will prove to be an asset in clutch situations.

D.J. Augustin (5’11”)

Overall Rating: 73
Team: Houston Rockets
Archetype: Playmaker
Best Stats: 93 Free Throw, 87 Shot IQ, 84 Pass IQ

Despite being undersized, D.J. Augustin has been a steady presence for every team he has played on throughout his career. He is a consistent threat from long-range with an 82 rating from the perimeter, but he can also run the point and set up his teammates.

Augustin has a high pass IQ of 84 and a pass accuracy of 82, demonstrating that he can be an effective table-setter for the Houston Rockets. Additionally, he brings a Silver Bullet Passer and Silver Glue Hands to aid in his point guard duties for his new team.

Even at 33 years of age, Augustin is still very quick, with 82 speed and 81 speed with ball. He can push the pace for the young and exuberant Rockets squad, and help to find and develop his teammates like Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. 

All the Shortest Players in NBA 2K22

Here are the players who fall into the category as the shortest in NBA 2K22:

NameHeight Overall Position TeamBest Attributes
Isaiah Thomas5’9”77PGFree Agent97 Hustle, 89 Acceleration, 87 Ball Handle
Chris Clemons5’9”73PGFree Agent95 Shot IQ, 90 Hands, 90 Hustle
J.J. Barea5’10”75PG/SGFree Agent97 Shot IQ, 88 Pass IQ, 85 Pass Accuracy 
Tremont Waters5’10”70PGMaine Red Claws91 Speed, 91 Acceleration, 90 Speed with Ball
Jared Harper5’10”67PGFree Agent93 Speed, 93 Acceleration, 91 Vertical
Facundo Campazzo5’11”77PGDenver Nuggets95 Shot IQ, 95 Hustle, 86 Pass IQ
D.J. Augustin5’11”73PGHouston Rockets93 Free Throw, 87 Shot IQ, 84 Pass IQ
Jordan McLauglin5’11”73PG/SGMinnesota Timberwolves85 Shot IQ, 84 Ball Handle, 83 Pass Accuracy
Chris Chiozza5’11”72PGGolden State Warriors83 Pass Vision, 79 Pass Accuracy, 79 Ball Handle
Carsen Edwards5’11”70SG/PGFree Agent86 Ball Handle, 84 Free Throw, 83 Speed with Ball
Frank Mason III5’11”69PGFree Agent87 Vertical, 85 Mid-Range Shot, 84 Close Shot
Markus Howard5’11”67PGDenver Nuggets88 Speed, 88 Acceleration, 86 Speed with Ball

A lack of height has been detrimental to the NBA dreams of many talented basketball players, but with heart, determination, and a desire to succeed, a small stature can easily be overcome.

Diego Dios

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