NBA 2K22: Tallest Players in the Game

Height is a terrific asset to any squad, and these are the tallest players you'll find on NBA 2K22.

Having the tallest players on the floor provides a fantastic advantage for any team. They’re able to tower over their opponents for rebounds and blocks, while on the offensive end, can be a constant threat in the post.

In the NBA, however, it is not all about height. The talent and abilities of the athletes on the floor is so high that the height advantage of the biggest among them can be, to an extent, negated. Only specific tall players may suit the way that you’re trying to play in NBA 2K22, and this is the perfect piece to learn more about the attributes of the largest players in the league.

Tacko Fall (7’5”)

Overall Rating: 71
Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Archetype: Glass Cleaner
Best Stats: 90 Shot IQ, 88 Block, 85 Standing Dunk

Tacko Fall is an undrafted NBA center, but he has now spent two seasons in the league with the Boston Celtics. He has been a fan favorite at TD Garden, but in 2021/22 will move on to the city of Cleveland. Despite the plethora of centers on that team, Fall can still provide a reliable shot blocking presence. 

The Senegalese big man has an 88 block and 85 standing dunk rating, ratings which can give your team a quick boost when you’re struggling with those facets of the game. 

Fall has raw potential, and could be developed into a consistent role player for contending teams. He has a soft touch with a Silver Putback Boss helping him convert those short finishes in the paint.

Boban Marjanović (7’4”)

Overall Rating: 74
Position: C
Team: Dallas Mavericks
Archetype: Glass Cleaner
Best Stats: 95 Standing Dunk, 93 Defensive Rebound, 88 Offensive Rebound

Boban Marjanović is back with Dallas to play another season alongside Luka Doncić. He provides a massive boost for the Mavericks in the offensive department because of his patented one-handed shot and rim-rattling dunks. He also has a wide frame to take up space in the paint and aid in grabbing several rebounds every game.

The problem with Marjanović is that he becomes unplayable in certain match-ups as a result of his lack of agility. Despite that, he still has a Silver Box badge as well as Bronze Backdown Punisher, Brick Wall, Putback Boss, and Worm. 

His evasiveness in the paint when he is matched up with a non-shooting center causes many defenses to struggle when defending Marjanović. He sports a 93 close shot and 70 mid-range shot, decent numbers for a man of his size.

Kristaps Porzingis (7’3”)

Overall Rating: 84
Team: Dallas Mavericks
Archetype: 2-Way 3-Level Scorer
Best Stats: 98 Hands, 90 Standing Dunk, 88 Post Fade

Kristaps Porzingis’ career has been derailed by a slew of unfortunate injuries. He has provided streaks of impeccable performances, but has not yet been able to sustain it for an entire year. His potential, however, is still plain to see, and he has been given an 84 overall rating with 24 total badges in NBA 2K22.

Coach Jason Kidd is expected to start him at power forward to begin the season, making his 83 mid-range shot and 80 three-point shot an immense asset for the Mavericks offense. Moreover, Porzingis has four Silver shooting badges to help space the floor for his squad.

Porzingis also has a dependable post game with an 88 post fade, 87 post control, and 83 post hook. His talent is not in question, but he must stay on the floor in order to showcase it.

Moses Brown (7’2”)

Overall Rating: 77
Position: C
Team: Dallas Mavericks
Archetype: Glass Cleaner
Best Stats: 93 Offensive Rebound, 92 Shot IQ, 87 Defensive Rebound

Moses Brown is a new acquisition for the Dallas Mavericks, and is also the third towering big man for the franchise. Along with Marjanović and Porzingis, the Mavericks will have a huge advantage with their height.

Brown has a 82 block rating courtesy of his massive frame and high vertical leap, but his best asset is his rebounding, as highlighted by his 93 offensive rebound and 87 defensive rebound attributes. Additionally, he has a Gold Rebound Chaser badge, which will cause headaches for opponents using an undersized center.

Being a threat at both ends of the court, Brown also has eight other badges, highlighted by a Silver Pogo Stick and Silver Lob City Finisher. As a new addition, his repertoire varies from that of both Marjanović and Porzingis, and gives coach Kidd the chance to experiment with different line-up combinations.

Bol Bol (7’2”)

Overall Rating: 71
Position: C/PF
Team: Denver Nuggets
Archetype: Stretch Five
Best Stats: 88 Block, 85 Standing Dunk, 79 Mid-Range Shot

Bol Bol has been highly touted ever since he entered the league because of his guard-like skills in a 7’2” frame. He has not, however, been given ample opportunity yet because of other glaring weaknesses in his game. Bol sports an 88 block and 85 standing dunk rating, but it is his above average outside shooting which catches the eyes of the audience.

Bol has 79 mid-range shot and a 78 three-point shot, which, when combined with his dribbling skills, make him a unique offensive threat at his height. The Sudanese-born big man is equipped with four Bronze badges: Catch and Shoot, Lob City Finisher, Putback Boss, and Set Shooter.

Bol also has decent hands with a 75 rating and a respectable post game with a 70 post hook and 70 post control. There is still a ton of potential for the man from Khartoum, but he must make a point of expanding his strengths on the NBA floor.

Luke Kornet (7’2”)

Overall Rating: 71
Position: C
Team: Free Agent
Archetype: Paint Defender
Best Stats: 88 Block, 85 Hands, 85 Hustle

Luke Kornet previously played for the Boston Celtics, but he is currently unsigned for the upcoming season. Any team who picks him up will get a player with brilliant timing on his shot blocking, and a defensive presence patrolling the paint. 

Kornet has relatively slow reactions, but he makes up for it with his shot blocking efficiency and quick hands. The Texan is an adequate three-point shooter as well, with a rating of 70 along with his only badge – Bronze Set Shooter. 

Kornet must become more comfortable defending quicker and more agile bigs in order to crack an NBA roster soon. With a 77 close shot and 74 interior defense, he has a great foundation, but needs to improve on a few key areas of his game. 

Rudy Gobert (7’1”)

Overall Rating: 88
Position: C
Team: Utah Jazz
Archetype: Glass-Cleaning Lockdown
Best Stats: 98 Shot IQ, 97 Interior Defense, 97 Help Defense IQ

Out of all the players on this list, Rudy Gobert is comfortably the best. He has received three Defensive Player of the Year awards, and is one of the key cogs on what was the best team in the NBA regular season last year. 

His $205 million contract is reaping its benefits for Utah, with Gobert developing into best defender in the association. With Hall of Fame level Post Move Lockdown and Rim Protector, it is not even worth considering attacking Gobert one-on-one. He also has ten other defensive/rebounding badges to solidify his position as one of the cornerstones of the Utah Jazz.

With the Frenchman’s defensive prowess, he also has sensational attributes of 95 defensive rebounding and 81 offensive rebounding. Not only does he disrupt offensive opponents, but he also gets the job done on the glass for the Jazz. 

All the tallest players in NBA 2K22

These individuals pose an immense problem with their height in NBA2K22.

Name HeightOverall PositionTeamBest Stats
Tacko Fall7’5”71CCleveland Cavaliers90 Shot IQ, 88 Block, 85 Standing Dunk
Boban Marjanović7’4”74CDallas Mavericks95 Standing Dunk, 93 Defensive Rebound, 88 Offensive Rebound
Kristaps Porzingis7’3”84C/PFDallas Mavericks98 Hands, 90 Standing Dunk, 88 Post Fade
Moses Brown7’2”77CDallas Mavericks93 Offensive Rebound, 92 Shot IQ, 87 Defensive Rebound
Bol Bol7’2”71C/PFDenver Nuggets88 Block, 85 Standing Dunk, 79 Mid-Range Shot
Luke Kornet7’2”71CFree Agent88 Block, 85 Hands, 85 Hustle
Rudy Gobert7’1”88CUtah Jazz98 Shot IQ, 97 Interior Defense, 97 Help Defense IQ
James Wiseman7’1”77C/PFGolden State Warriors95 Shot IQ, 90 Hands, 81 Close Shot
Jakob Poeltl7’1”77CSan Antonio Spurs91 Close Shot, 87 Block, 85 Hands
Pau Gasol7’1”75CFree Agent98 Defensive Rebound, 94 Shot IQ, 83 Post Control
Anžejs Pasečniks7’1”73CFree Agent92 Hustle, 89 Close Shot, 75 Strength

Height is a phenomenal asset in itself, but what will make the biggest difference on NBA 2K22 is your ability to use it as properly.

Diego Dios

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