NBA 2K21: Best Badges for a Point Guard

Point guards are a favorite position for NBA 2K players; the options are unlimited when the play starts in your hands.

The choice of either shooting the ball or facilitating the offense can both score you those superstar points as a PG in NBA 2K21. The more versatile players can even fill the roles of big men, such as by blocking shots and rebounds.

Despite these advantages, there are also limitations, especially as the ball will be in your hands most of the time. The margin for error is more significant than in any other position.

This gives more reason to choose your badges wisely when creating the best NBA 2K21 PG. A good balance on offense and defense will make a typical PG a stat machine.

So, which 2K21 badges are needed to have the necessary animations for your PG build? That’s what we are going to talk about here, bringing you the best badges for a PG in NBA 2K.

How to be a point guard in NBA 2K21

The first thing that you’ll need to know if you want to be a PG in NBA2K21 is your goal and role. Will a particular build lead you towards your goal? Will your PG build fit the role that the team needs you for? These are things that you’ll need to consider.

Chris Paul is one of the most balanced point guards in the game. He can score to carry his team, but at the same time, he can make his teammates better, as he did in Oklahoma City last season.

You don’t need to mimic the Chris Paul build exactly, though, because there are other good PGs that you can model your player on. It all boils down to focusing on specific facets.

For instance, Steph Curry and Trae Young rely on shooting-heavy badges, despite their passing talents: it doesn’t make them less of a PG playing that way.

It’s quite challenging to be a PG in NBA 2K21 due to the diversity of builds. The best bet is putting that balance where you can shoot open shots and, at the same time, maximize your teammates’ strengths.

How to use PG badges in NBA 2K21

Unless you have a specified role, like a defensive guard or a slasher, you’ll need to balance everything out. The good thing about point guards is that they are very versatile when it comes to badges.

Some of the badges that worked in the past aren’t applicable for your PG build anymore; the meta for 2K21 has made things harder, especially if you are a ball-handler.

There aren’t any easy baskets, even when unguarded, which makes these defensive badges more important. The animations of each defensive badge give enough to alter drives and shots.

There are also badge levels which you need to use wisely. Improper distribution of badge levels will result in unnecessary animations that aren’t fitting for a guard.

Best point guard badges in NBA 2K21

Since we didn’t emphasize a one-dimensional point guard role here, we’re going to keep our best PG badge selection balanced.

These badges must be patterned in such a way that your PG build survives and becomes productive in-game as you collect VCs along the way.

Good build inspirations can be players like Chris Paul, Steve Nash, and Tony Parker, or you can even go for legends such as Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson Jr. or Isaiah Thomas.

All of these mentioned guards are pretty much well-rounded, so with that, here are the PG badges to make your own well-rounded PG build.

Floor General

The Floor General badge is probably the most important PG badge in NBA 2K history as it’s focused on facilitating offense. You either need a Hall of Fame or at least a Gold here, but nothing less than that.

Handles For Days 

Trying to beat your opponent off the dribble can take a toll on your stamina. Since you’ll need to get past any defender, regardless of your intention, you’ll need a Gold badge for the Handles For Days badge to avoid drastic stamina drops.

Lob City Passer 

What makes NBA2K special is that even a non-big or a non-dunker can catch alley-oops and score a lay-in. It isn’t as important as the rest of the passing badges, though, so you’ll survive with a Silver badge for this one.

Quick First Step 

You’ll need to take over on offense at times, so it helps to quickly leave your defender for either a pull-up jumper or to go straight to the basket if it’s open. Still, a Silver badge is enough to get the job done.

Difficult Shots

Lay-up packages are not as necessary as the ability to shoot off the dribble. While the lay-ups and dunks only need a high rating, the animations for difficult shots prove to be more important. So, make sure that you get a Gold badge for this one.

Flexible Release 

The Flexible Release badge is the perfect combo with Difficult Shots. Since you’ll want a quick jumper, an off-timed shot is inevitable. Do yourself a favor and have a Gold badge for this one too.

Dead Eye 

This one is another good combo for your other shooting badges. A defender in front of you can alter your shot, but having a Dead Eye badge lessens the chance of that, so apply Dead Eye to at least a Silver level.

Tireless Defender

Point guards spend a lot of energy causing massive drops on offense alone. That is why the Tireless Defender badge is a good complementary badge to Handles for Days. A Gold Tireless Defender badge will make sure that you maintain such pace at both ends of the floor.


We are in the three-point era in the NBA. Point guards can fire from any part of the floor, especially if you’re Stephen Curry or Damian Lillard. To limit such offensive firepower, you’ll need to intimidate them with that Gold Intimidator badge of yours to alter their shots.


You can intimidate your opponent in another way: having the Clamps badge will make them lose their stamina, eventually either forcing a loose ball, a forced missed shot, or just a pass of the ball. Since a high-level Clamps can still get countered by a lesser Handles for Days badge anyway, a Silver-tier Clamps will suffice.


You might be wondering why we aren’t using thePick Pocket badge. Well, the recent 2K releases made on-ball steals more difficult. You’ll have a better chance of getting steals from an interceptor badge, so get a Gold one to own the perimeter on defense.

What to expect from building a PG in NBA 2K21

Unless you lock into a specified role, a well-rounded PG will progress slower as you build towards distribution, locking your focus on both ratings and badges.

The important thing will still be your in-game production. You’ll struggle with scoring at the very start, so making your teammates productive will be your initial playstyle as you build your offensive repertoire.

As for build inspirations, start with a Lonzo Ball-type base and collect VCs through assists and defensive stops until you have enough offensive tools to ease in scoring slowly.

Just be patient when building your own PG, and it will repay you in the long run. The progress of building an all-around PG is satisfying, especially when the badges level up, so start by being a facilitator before a shooter or a slasher.


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