NBA 2K22: Best Badges for a (PF) Power Forward

We've got ALL the best badges for a PF in 2K22.

The current NBA landscape has made it hard for a power forward. The same could be said in NBA 2K22, since small forwards are sliding up and power forwards are sliding down to being a stretch-three.

Since the PF position is a road less taken, there’s also the fact that you have the liberty to choose which style you play: tall and quick or bulky and physical.

While these are just a few playstyle ideas for you, it’s in the best PF badges that will make sure that you are able to fulfill your duties extraordinarily well on the court.

What are the best badges for a power forward (PF) in 2K22?

LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo are power forwards but happen to play the point too. Still, there are traditional ones like Julius Randle or Domantas Sabonis that play with their back to the basket.

We’re focusing on building a traditional PF since there are quite a few hidden opportunities in that position, either with a quick pick-and-roll or as a bully at the post.

So, to help you build a top-class PF, here are the best power forward badges in NBA 2K22.

1. Fearless Finisher

The Fearless Finisher badge is sort of a given when you’re creating a power forward. That’s because you’ll be met with a lot of contact layups in the paint. It’s arguably the most important badge for a PF, which is why it’s best to put it up to the Hall of Fame level.

2. Backdown Punisher

Now that you can fearlessly finish, you’ll need something to compliment that badge. The Backdown Punisher is the perfect combo for the Fearless Finisher, as you’ll need to move your opponents as you find a closer spot to the basket. Make sure that this one is up to Hall of Fame as well.

3. Fast Twitch

The Fast Twitch badge will complete the mighty PF trifecta, coupling with the Backdown Punisher and Fearless Finisher. As it speeds up standing layups or dunks around the rim, it will be effective once you’re literally under the basket. A Gold badge for this one is enough to complement the previous two.

4. Rise Up

If you want to be sure about your position under the basket, you had better have the Rise Up badge with you to make things easier. The Fast Twitch badge is effective enough, so having a Silver badge for this one is plenty for your PF build.

5. Brick Wall

The 2K22 meta has been very friendly with screens. You could be the best defender in NBA 2K history, but once that screen pops, you can kiss the ball-handler goodbye. Use this meta to your advantage with a Gold-tier Brick Wall badge – it will help your screens become much more effective.

6. Lob City Finisher

A common option off the screen on a pick-and-roll is to catch a lob pass. Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler used to perfect this back when they were teammates. Pairing the Lob City Finisher with the aforementioned Gold-tier Brick Wall badge will make sure that your pathway is clear for takeoff when you call for a lob.

7. Mismatch Expert

Another option if the defensive play has read your alley-oops is to take advantage of the defensive switch. With the Mismatch Expert, you’re going to be able to easily back down your smaller defender in the process. Another Gold badge will do the trick here.

8. Putback Boss

The current 2K22 meta is very friendly with second-chance points. Passes coming from an offensive rebound tend to be easily converted. Even with your own offensive rebounds, it works, so you had better have a Gold badge for your Putback Boss.

9. Rebound Chaser

You’re basically a big man already if you create a traditional PF build for NBA 2K22. That said, you will be expected to grab some boards, so make sure that you dominate the rebound category with a Hall of Fame badge for Rebound Chaser. Sometimes, it’s just as important as scoring.

10. Worm

You’re going to need a support badge for chasing those rebounds. We’re going with the Worm badge here since it’s more effective than boxing out on the basis of the 2K22 meta. A Gold badge is good enough for this one.

11. Intimidator

Since it’s a video game, you have the chance to benefit from being the perfect jack of all trades. That said, you’ll need the Intimidator badge to kick start your defensive side. You’ll need to intimidate offensive players and cause them to miss a lot of shots with a Hall of Fame badge.

12. Rim Protector

Of course, you’ll need the extra animation that alters the shot of your opponents. We’re talking about total alteration here, as the Rim Protector badge is what will help you block shots more effectively. A Gold one is enough for this badge, though.

13. Pogo Stick

Why not block shots in succession? The Pogo Stick is the perfect combo to the Rim Protector badge, so it’s best that you keep it up at Gold too.

What to expect when using the best PF badges in NBA 2K22

Today’s NBA, and even 2K22, is full of shooters already. Players even intentionally neglect all other facets of the game just to become three-point snipers.

Having a traditional power forward build is instantly going to make you more dominant in the paint. Domantas Sabonis isn’t a very physical player, but his traditional game has helped him to become an All-Star despite the league being more perimeter-based on offense.

It’s going to be slow progress, though, as a PF in NBA 2K22. You can expect to miss a lot of shots unless those badges start to become available deep into your career.

That said, everything will start going very smoothly once you’ve got the best power forward badges up to their necessary levels.

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