NBA 2K22: Best Point Guards in the Game

Point guards dictate the pace and tempo of the game, so these are the best PGs in NBA 2K22.

Ten to 15 years ago, point guards were known to be floor general and pass-first players. Their responsibilities mainly involved orchestrating the offensive schemes of the team while being an extension of the head coach on the court.

With the evolution of the NBA, the importance of point guards has skyrocketed over the last few years. The best point guards in the league are classified as combo guards because they are the main scorers and offensive options on the team, while also facilitating and getting others involved.

Here, we’re going through the very best point guards in NBA 2K22, with a full list of all of the best PGs included at the foot of the page.

Stephen Curry (OVR 96)

Overall Rating: 96
Position: PG/SG
Team: Golden State Warriors
Offensive Threat
Best Stats:
99 Three Point Shot, 98 Close Shot, 98 Hustle, 98 Stamina

Despite the injury-riddled start to his NBA career, Stephen Curry has arguably been the best point guard in the association over the last five years. He has tallied numerous MVPs, Championships, and other impressive accolades. His long-range sniping ability is unmatched, along with his brilliant IQ that causes opponents to just scratch their heads every time they play the Warriors.

Curry’s overall rating dropped by one point from NBA 2K21, but he is still equipped with a total of 48 badges. He will be a fun player to use in 2K22 because of his four Hall of Fame shooting badges and plethora of other Gold badges.

His outside scoring attributes are at a sensational level, but the underrated aspect of his repertoire is his playmaking and athleticism, with a rating of 89 and 82, respectively. Along with his impressive three-point shooting, Curry also has high efficiency of finishing at the rim with a rating of 96 on layup and 94 on draw foul.

Luka Dončić (OVR 94)

Overall Rating: 94
Position: PG/SF
Team: Dallas Mavericks
Offensive Threat
Best Stats:
98 Hands, 98 Hustle, 97 Close Shot

Entering the NBA draft, Luka Dončić had already played three years professionally in Europe. The Dallas Mavericks found a gem in Dončić as he made an immediate impact. At 6’7’’, he is one of the tallest guards in the league, and he knows how to use it to his advantage.

Dončić is the perfect combination of a lethal jumper and a willing passer, which is validated by his 19 shooting and playmaking badges, respectively. He is able to capitalize on switches with his patented step-back shot, validated by his Hall of Fame badge on Circus Threes. Moreover, he has 16 other Gold shooting badges which will wreak havoc against every defense.

With this upcoming season being his fourth year in the league, Dončić has made a point of consistently involving his teammates. His Hall of Fame Space Creator and a slew of other Gold playmaking badges is an amazing package for gamers to continue using Dončić in NBA 2K22.

Damian Lillard (OVR 94)

Overall Rating: 94
Team: Portland Trail Blazers
Offensive Threat
Best Stats:
98 Shot IQ, 98 Hands, 96 Layup

Amidst the circulating trade rumors of his departure, Damian Lillard will still be donning the Portland Trail Blazers jersey for 2021/22. He is still an unstoppable threat on the offensive side of the ball, highlighted by his 96 layup and 87 three-point shot.

Lillard has been carrying the load for the Trail Blazers with his ‘Logo Lillard’ bombs and slithery finishes from pick-and-roll sets. His Hall of Fame Circus Threes and Limitless Spot Up badges will be a terrific asset for his floor spacing ability. A total of six finishing badges on the rim round out the phenomenal scoring skill set of Lillard.

Despite the lack of consistent support, Lillard still has 19 playmaking badges with 11 coming at the Gold variety. These will be instrumental as he tries to involve his teammates more in the plays when the Trail Blazers go on offense.

Kyrie Irving (OVR 91)

Overall Rating: 91
Brooklyn Nets
Offensive Threat
Best Stats:
99 Ball Handle, 98 Mid-Range Shot, 97 Close Shot

Entering his third season with the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving always has a ton of doubters. However, his play on the court speaks for itself, especially when it comes to his dribbling wizardry. His four Hall of Fame badges and 99 ball handle rating are the perfect indicators of him being one of the best guards in NBA 2K22.

With James Harden and Kevin Durant on the Nets, Irving also has several playmaking badges to break down the defense and create shots for others. Additionally, his phenomenal scoring prowess is still one of the best facets of his game as he is equipped with 12 Gold shooting badges.

Irving is a threat from any area of the floor, with 11 hot zone areas in NBA 2K22. Despite the injury concerns, he remains one of the best pure scorers and outside shooters in the league.

Chris Paul (OVR 90)

Overall Rating: 90
Phoenix Suns
Playmaking Shot Creator
Best Stats:
98 Mid-Range Shot, 97 Close Shot, 93 Free Throw

For the first time in his career, Chris Paul reached the NBA Finals in 2021. Despite falling short, Paul was an integral piece of the puzzle for the high-flying Phoenix Suns. With his 93 ball handle and 90 pass accuracy, he is the perfect complement to Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton.

He is consistently one of the best floor generals in NBA 2K22, highlighted by several Gold badges, such as Unpluckable, Floor General, and Dimer. Even with his small stature, Paul is still one of the best defensive guards, thanks to his ten Gold defensive badges.

After signing an extension with the Suns, Paul still has a few years to try and lead them to the title. Paul still possesses that excellent mid-range shot with a 98 rating, which is essential for the boatload of pick-and-roll coverages of the Suns.

Trae Young (OVR 89)

Overall Rating: 89
Atlanta Hawks
Archetype: Offensive Threat
Best Stats:
96 Draw Foul, 95 Close Shot, 95 Offensive Consistency

After being cellar-dwellers for years, the Atlanta Hawks reached the Eastern Conference Finals with a squad led by Trae Young. He is such an intelligent player in drawing fouls and creating offense through pick-and-roll situations. In NBA 2K22, he boasts 19 shooting and playmaking badges.

As many as 15 of his 19 shooting badges are at the Gold level, while 13 of his 19 playmaking badges are Gold. This is a great balance for a player with the Offensive Threat archetype because he can flourish against any defense. Moreover, Young has many teammates that are constant threats on both sides of the court.

Despite his subpar defense and athleticism, Young has unlimited range with his jump shots and quick change of pace that always keeps defenders guessing. With a total of 2,617 attributes and 46 badges, Young will be one of the more enjoyable players to use in NBA 2K22.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (OVR 86)

Overall Rating: 86
Oklahoma City Thunder
Offensive Threat
Best Stats:
98 Hands, 98 Shot IQ, 98 Offensive Consistency

Starting off his career, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was playing more at the wing positions. Now, being the focal point of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Gilgeous-Alexander can use his frame to maneuver through the paint. With his 96 close shot and 92 layup rating, he will be tough to stop with his fantastic slashing ability.

Being a 6’5’’ point guard, Gilgeous-Alexander has immense opportunities to see over his defender and create for his teammates. Thus, his 90 pass IQ and 88 pass accuracy are great assets for bringing his teammates into the action on 2K22.

At just 23-years-old, Gilgeous-Alexander’s badges are not as impressive as other players at his position because only one is at the Gold level, Tear Dropper. Nonetheless, the PG is still a dangerous threat because of his all-around skill set.

All the best point guards in NBA 2K22

The list below ranks all of the best point guards in 2K22 by their overall ratings.

Stephen Curry6’3”96PG/SGGolden State Warriors
Luka Dončić6’7”94PG/SFDallas Mavericks
Damian Lillard6’2”94PGPortland Trail Blazers
Kyrie Irving6’1”91PG/SGBrooklyn Nets
Chris Paul6’0”90PGPhoenix Suns
Trae Young6’1”89PGAtlanta Hawks
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander6’5”86PG/SGOklahoma City Thunder
Russell Westbrook6’3”86PG/SGLos Angeles Lakers
Ja Morant6’3”85PGMemphis Grizzlies
De’Aaron Fox6’3”85PGSacramento Kings
Jamal Murray6’4”85PG/SGDenver Nuggets
Jrue Holiday6’3”85PG/SGMilwaukee Bucks
LaMelo Ball6’7”84PG/SGCharlotte Hornets
Ben Simmons6’10”84PG/PFPhiladelphia 76ers

With many builds represented across all of these point guards, it is all up to you which is perfect fit for your play style.

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