NBA 2K22: Best Shooting Guards (SG) in MyNBA

Want to sign or trade for one of the best two-guards in the game? These are the best shooting guards to use in NBA 2K22.

Traditionally speaking, many NBA fans will tell you that the shooting guard is the most prestigious position in the game of basketball. Over the years, we have seen some of the best players in the league (Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade) come from this position.

The greatest shooting guards in NBA history have dominated the league in scoring and become global icons of the game. Having a star shooting guard can drastically change the complexion of a franchise, making it one of the most marketable positions in basketball.

With the addition of that one star shooting guard, your team can become a playoff contender right away.

James Harden (OVR 94)

Overall rating: 94
Position: SG/PG
Team: Brooklyn Nets
Archetype: Offensive Threat
Best Stats: 98 Offensive Consistency, 98 Shot IQ, 98 Draw Foul

According to many, James Harden has been the best shooting guard in the NBA for the better part of the past decade. The 11-time All-Star is also a three-time NBA scoring champion, and is a surefire Hall of Famer after he decides to retire.

With James Harden on your roster, it is fair to say that your team will be an instant playoff contender, with a shot to win the title. You should have no problem scoring the basketball, as Harden boasts a career average of 25.1 points per game.

Harden is unequivocally the best scoring guard in the game. With a 92 outside scoring, 90 mid-range shot, and 86 three-point shot, Harden can be an effective scorer from anywhere on the court. Add to that 17 Gold shooting badges, and there are very few players in the game who have the skill set to contain Harden defensively.

Devin Booker (OVR 90)

Overall rating: 90
Position: SG/PG
Team: Phoenix Suns
Archetype: Offensive Threat
Best Stats: 98 Offensive Consistency, 97 Close Shot, 95 Shot IQ

Besides James Harden, many consider Devin Booker to be the best shooting guard in the NBA for several reasons. The 24-year-old is a rare combination of skill, finesse, and basketball IQ.

Despite playing on some very bad Phoenix Suns teams early in his career, Booker has managed to average over 22 points per game for five straight seasons.

Entering his seventh season this year, many feel that Booker still hasn’t fully reached his ceiling and has the potential to average 30 points per game as an MVP candidate someday.

With a total of 46 badges in the game, Booker is considered one of the most complete combo guards. He can either facilitate for teammates or play off-ball as an excellent spot-up shooter.

Besides his scoring, Booker’s playmaking ability is one of the more underrated parts of his game. With an 87 ball handle and 83 playmaking, Booker could also be considered one the best playmaking guards at his position.

Bradley Beal (OVR 89)

Overall rating: 89
Position: SG/PG
Team: Washington Wizards
Archetype: Offensive Threat
Best Stats: 98 Offensive Consistency, 97 Close Shot, 95 Layup

Bradley Beal had a slower start to his NBA career and did not really come into his own until his fifth season. Since 2017, however, Beal has consistently been a top five SG in the league, and has at times single-handedly carried the Washington Wizards into the playoffs.

Perhaps the best pick-and-roll scorer on this list, Beal’s skill set is best complemented by a forward or center with elite finishing ability. Averaging a career-best of 30.5 points per game, Beal is almost unstoppable with the help of a good screen.

At 28, it seems like Beal is still at the peak of his powers and has the potential to help a playoff team become a contender. With a 90 free throw rating, Beal is also considered one of the best at drawing fouls for easy baskets in the NBA.

Donovan Mitchell (OVR 88)

Overall rating: 88
Position: SG/PG
Team: Utah Jazz
Archetype: Two-Way Threat
Best Stats: 98 Offensive Consistency, 97 Vertical, 96 Speed

Out of all the shooting guards in the league, Donovan Mitchell is considered one of the best dunkers at his position. In terms of style of play, many consider the Utah Jazz star to be the modern equivalent of Dwyane Wade. Obviously, those are huge shoes to fill, but Mitchell has given us no reason to doubt him.

Despite being a 13th overall pick he is viewed as one of the best to come out of the 2017 NBA draft. Since entering the league in 2017/18, he has been the Utah Jazz’s best scorer.

Being a two-way threat archetype in NBA 2K22, Mitchell is a solid all-around player on both ends of the floor. With an 82 steal and 86 lateral quickness, Mitchell is also one of the better defensive SGs in the game.

Having an elite center in Rudy Gobert on his team, Mitchell is in the perfect situation to exploit pick-and-roll plays and be part of one of the most dominant one-two punches in the league.

Paul George (OVR 88)

Overall rating: 88
Position: SG/SF
Team: Los Angeles Clippers
Archetype: Two-Way Shot Creator
Best Stats: 95 Offensive Consistency, 95 Stamina, 93 Mid-Range Shot

Paul George did not have a great season last year, but many analysts still consider him to be one of the best two-way players in the game. The Clippers’ star is a versatile guard at both ends of the floor who can also assume responsibilities at the wing position, making him one of the more unique players in the NBA.

Heading into 2021/22, many expect George to bounce back and have a huge year, and alongside Kawhi Leonard, may help the Clippers to be a strong playoff team once again.

Despite being one of the taller players on this list (6’8″), George is also one of the better ball-handlers. With an 87 ball handle and 83 athleticism, not many smaller guards have the physical features to stay in front of him.

Along with that, George has an 85 driving dunk and nine finishing badges, making him one of the better finishers at the rim as well.

Zach LaVine (OVR 87)

Overall rating: 87
Position: SG/SF
Team: Chicago Bulls
Archetype: Scoring Machine
Best Stats: 97 Vertical, 95 Offensive Consistency, 95 Driving Dunk

Zach LaVine had another successful season with the Chicago Bulls last year. Setting new career-highs in points, assists, rebounds, and triples made per game, it doesn’t look like LaVine is done improving yet.

At only 26 years of age, he might be just entering his prime and could be a top-two scorer in the NBA very soon. Out of everyone on this list, he might be the player with the most upside.

Known as one of the best dunkers in the NBA, LaVine is arguably the most fun player to use in the game. Equipped with some of the best dunking animations on 2K22, it is very tempting to use him to posterize opponents at every chance you get. 

In addition to that, LaVine is a well-balanced offensive player who can fit into many different offensive schemes. With a 98 offensive consistency, he is also one of the most reliable scorers in the NBA 2K22.

With LaVine on your roster, your team shouldn’t have too many problems generating offense. Already a proven offensive player, LaVine might be the SG with the most upside to build your team around for the next three-to-five years.

Klay Thompson (OVR 87)

Overall rating: 87
Position: SG/SF
Team: Golden State Warriors
Archetype: Two-Way Sharpshooter
Best Stats: 95 Three-Point Shot, 95 Defensive Consistency, 94 Overall Durability

Despite being away from NBA competition for two full seasons, many still consider Klay Thompson to be a top-tier shooting guard in the NBA. As a three-time NBA champ his resume speaks for itself, and Thompson is also one of the best three-point shooters of all time.

Being a prototypical “three-and-d” player, with elite shooting, Thompson is the perfect fit for almost any NBA team looking for someone to space the floor and be responsible defensively.

On the offensive end, he plays best off the ball in a spot-up shooter role. At the other end of the floor, he can be used in a shut-down role against opposing team’s best scorers.

It’s almost unfair to have Thompson play alongside Steph Curry, another one of the best shooters of all-time. Thompson is in the perfect situation in Golden State, and as long as both their backcourt stars are healthy, they should be a very competitive playoff team.

All the best defenders in NBA 2K22

NameOverall RatingHeightPositionTeam
James Harden946’5″SG / PGBrooklyn Nets
Devin Booker906’5″SG / PGPhoenix Suns
Bradley Beal896’3″SG / PGWashington Wizards
Donovan Mitchell886’1″SG / PGUtah Jazz
Paul George886’8″SG / SFLos Angeles Clippers
Klay Thompson 876’6″SG / SFGolden State Warriors
C.J. McCollum856’3″SG / PG Portland Trail Blazers
Collin Sexton826’1″SG / PGCleveland Cavaliers
Fred VanVleet826’1″SG / PGToronto Raptors
Caris LeVert826’6″SG / SFIndiana Pacers
Terry Rozier III826’1″SG / PGCharlotte Hornets
Anthony Edwards816’1″SG / SF Minnesota Timberwolves

Now you know exactly which shooting guards to use to help you dominate defensively on NBA 2K22.

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