Neko Ghost, Jump: Complete Controls Guide for PC

Here’s what you need to know to play Neko Ghost, Jump! on PC in its current form.

Neko Ghost, Jump! is a cute puzzle-platformer with an interesting twist: you’re able to change from 2D to 3D perspective and back. It’s necessary to switch between the different camera perspectives to progress in the levels.

The game is still under development, so some aspects detailed here may change. However, a Demo Update suggests that, while tweaks are being made to the demo’s area, most of the work is on finishing the later levels.

Another core aspect of the game is that you can turn into a ghost, leaving your body behind for a while to fight monsters. If you die as a ghost, such as if you fall off of a platform, you will go back to your body.

Below, you’ll find the Neko Ghost, Jump! controls needed for playing the game as well as some direction as to how to navigate the PC game as a whole.

Neko Ghost, Jump! mouse and keyboard PC controls

Learn how to dash, jump, utilise the ghost form mechanic, and navigate your way around the levels with the default Neko Ghost, Jump! controls below.

ActionPC Controls
Walk Forward (3D)W
Walk Backward (3D)S
Walk RightD
Walk LeftA
Jump     Spacebar
High JumpSpacebar (hold)
DashLeft Shift
AttackLeft-Click Mouse
Ghost FormF
Change to 2DC
Pause MenuP

Neko Ghost, Jump! Xbox controls for PC

For the PC version of the game, you can also hook up an Xbox controller if you prefer the analogues set-up to using WASD controls.

ActionXbox Controls
WalkLeft Analogue
Jump     A
Ghost FormY
Change to 2DX
Pause MenuMenu

Navigating the Neko Ghost, Jump! menus

The interface in the game can be a little tricky to navigate, while the game controls are easy to grasp but more challenging to master. Below, you can see what each option entails as well as how to start a new outing.

House Menu

OptionMenu Opened
ClosetCustomisation Screen
BedMain Menu
Yellow ButtonWorld Level Menu

World Menu

Interaction ButtonOpens
Arrow ButtonsSwitch World
‘Enter’Enter the World
Left Corner, ArrowMain Menu
Right Corner, HouseHouse Menu

Level Menu

Interaction ButtonOpens
House ButtonHouse Menu
World Cat ButtonWorld Menu
CrystalNew Level

How to enter a level on Neko Ghost, Jump!

To start playing the Neko Ghost, Jump! game, you need to:

  1. Select ‘Play’ from the main menu;
  2. From the House Menu, click on the globe button in the bottom right-hand corner;
  3. Use the arrows to select the World you wish to play, and then press ‘Enter;’
  4. Click on the crystal of the level that you want to enter: it will flash red, and the character will move to it;
  5. Click the crystal again for it to flash green and open a menu;
  6. It will ask you, ‘Start Level?’ Click the green ‘Yes’ to start or ‘No’ to go back to level select.

How to remap the Neko Ghost, Jump! controls

It is possible to rebind controls and make them more suitable for yourself, whether you’re using a keyboard and mouse or an Xbox controller.

  1. From the main menu, select ‘Settings;’
  2. Click on ‘Input’ from the subsequent screen;
  3. Select the yellow button for the controls that you want to remap;
  4. When the pop-up shows, the next button that you press will be selected as the remapped control;
  5. After remapping the controls, select ‘Apply’ in the bottom right-hand corner to secure your selections.

While Neko Ghost, Jump! is only available in its demo form for PC as it stands, future releases on the main console platforms are also planned.

So, now you know how to play the PC version of Neko Ghost, Jump! and how to switch the controls should the defaults not be to your liking.


Tula is a writer and narrative designer for video games. Born in the Swedish countryside she draws inspiration from the nature around her. In her free time she loves to play games, read fantasy books and cuddle with her dogs.
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