New Digimon Survive Release Date Revealed, Potentially

The team behind Digimon Survive’s animated scenes, not Bandai Namco, has seemingly revealed the new release date.

Announced in July 2018 for a 6 July 2019 release date, Digimon Survive was pushed to a vague 2020 release.

Devoid of any communication from the developers or publishers for a long time, gamers excited for this new chapter in Digimon gaming have been getting nervous.

While there is a lot of Digimon Survive information regarding the story, featured digital monsters, and gameplay mechanics, the essential details of its release date have been non-existent.

There hasn’t been an official announcement for the planned PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One release, but there is some news from one of the teams working on the game.

Toei Animation details a new Digimon Survive release date

It seems as though the second Digimon Survive release window of 2020 is going to be missed.

There was a hope that the 1 August showcase event Digimon Digifest 2020, which was held online, would unveil some details, regardless of how fleeting, about the long-delayed title.

Instead, it’s the team in charge of creating all of the animated scenes in the upcoming game which has become the source of new information.

Toei Animation Europe revealed details about the upcoming Digimon Adventure series, with the key facts section of the page showing that the new video game, Digimon Survive, would be coming out in January 2021.

The information comes as related information to the team’s other work with the Digimon product, and without an announcement from Bandai Namco or Witchcraft, this can’t be taken as an official release date.

By January 2021, Digimon Survive may be able to aim for a next-gen release, with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 expected to come out this winter.

Digimon Survive looks to be an ambitious project in a new format, and with the pandemic creating development delays, another release date delay seemed likely.

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