New Pokémon Snap: How to Complete ‘An Unusual Spot’ Request for Todd

Here’s how to get a picture of a Ledian eating on the ground to complete the ‘An Unusual Spot’ request in New Pokémon Snap.

New Pokémon Snap is loaded with requests that trickle through after each initial expedition and Pokémon discovery, offering minor rewards for their completion.

One such request is called ‘An Unusual Spot,’ which is sent to you by Todd. They state that a Ledian eating in midair would be the common thinking, but that they wonder if the Pokémon ever eats on the ground.

In this guide, we’re running through how you can complete the ‘An Unusual Spot’ request, including where to take the image of a Ledian eating on land.

Where can you see a Ledian eat on land in New Pokémon Snap?

The ‘An Unusual Spot’ request guides you to a four-star photo of Ledian, with it being found in Founja Jungle on the Jungle (Night) route. You can see the request from the main menu by pressing Y and then A to select ‘All Requests.’

In this playthrough, we found that having the Illumina Orbs and going on the Jungle (Night) path at Research Level 2 combined to reveal the four-star Ledian behaviour needed to complete this request.

The spot where you can see Ledian eat on land is a very small opening that can be seen on your way past the Ancient Ruins of the Founja Jungle, down by the river.

How to complete the ‘An Unusual Spot’ request in New Pokémon Snap

Getting a Ledian to eat on land starts from the branch bridge that takes you past the Ancient Ruins. Next to the ruins is a Crystabloom, which you can throw an Illumina Orb at to summon a swarm of Ledian.

Treat the Crystabloom as your point of reference as your path takes you away from this area. With you essentially moving backwards now, you’ll need to look for a river on your left – as though still looking towards the Crystabloom, as shown below.

Once you see this patch of land, target the small bank with some long grass growing towards the river and throw several Fluffruit onto the ground there.

Soon after, a Ledian will walk over to the Fluffruit, eat one, and then do a little celebration dance, so be ready with your camera as soon as you’ve thrown the bait.

Any of the pictures that you take of this behaviour will result in a four-star photo. Still, you’ll want to pick the image that you give to Professor Mirror carefully to get maximum points.

Once you’ve selected the four-star Ledian photo of the Pokémon eating on the ground and saved it to your Photodéx, you can return to the Requests page, find ‘An Unusual Spot,’ and select it to complete the request.

If you’ve completed the main story, you could also tie in this request with finding Mew in New Pokémon Snap.





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