New Pokémon Snap: Where to Find Ho-Oh, Get Each Photo Star Grade, and Complete ‘A Slice of Rainbow’ Request

Here’s every location where you can spot the legendary Ho-Oh in New Pokémon Snap to complete the ‘A Slice of Rainbow’ request.

Once you’ve unlocked the Aurus Illumina Spot and go back into the Lental region, you’ll be able to start snapping legendary Pokémon, with some of them hinted to in new requests.

One of the most sought after is the Gen. II legendary bird Ho-Oh, which is tied to the ‘A Slice of Rainbow’ request. Still, you’ll need to know where to spot it flying around as well as the additional items that you need to illuminate.

So, here’s how to get Ho-Oh in New Pokémon Snap, as well as where to find the legendary Pokémon, how to unlock its final location, and how to get each star grade of photo.

Where is Ho-Oh in New Pokémon Snap?

Ho-Oh is found in Fireflow Volcano along the Volcano path. You’ll need to complete the core story of the game first, and then you’ll be able to see Ho-Oh flying around from Research Level 2 onwards. If you get a picture of it, you’ll complete the ‘A Slice of Rainbow’ request.

We found that the legendary Pokémon was more prevalent after reaching Research Level 3, with there being four Ho-Oh locations – but only a maximum of three of them will present themselves on a single run.

Furthermore, you’ll need to use the Illumina Orbs to hit its loose feathers if you want to unlock the final Ho-Oh location in New Pokémon Snap, with these being found down the alternate Volcano path. You’ll know that you’ve hit the feathers when they glow gold.

How to trigger Ho-Oh’s final location in New Pokémon Snap

Ho-Oh can appear four times along the Volcano path of Fireflow Volcano, but you can only unlock its final location if you spot it before the caves and hit each of the three loose feathers with an Illumina Orb.

First of all, you’ll need to spot Ho-Oh. The first place that you can see Ho-Oh is just to the right as you commence the Volcano path, as shown below:

If you miss the first Ho-Oh location, you can spot the legendary bird flying back over the start area of the track. Once you go through the passage, flip around to look back on where you came in to see Ho-Oh flying over from your right. Ho-Oh didn’t spawn here after we spotted it in the first location in our playthroughs.

Ho-Oh can appear in its third location if you’ve missed either of the first two sightings. It’ll be flying past the Crystabloom with a Charmander next to it, up to the right. See below for the third Ho-Oh location.

After you’ve seen Ho-Oh flying around outside, you’ll enter the caves of the Volcano path. In here, you’ll need to perform a scan, turn to see the right path, and then scan through to take the alternate route.

Down this alternate route, you’ll cross a bridge. On the right are Charmanders on a magma swell, but on the left, you’ll spot a Ho-Oh feather. You need to hit this feather with an Illumina Orb.

Just after the first Ho-Oh feather, you’ll enter through a doorway to the blue lava room. Immediately on the right is a sleeping Torkoal: hit it with an Illumina Orb to make it move and then do the same to the Ho-Oh feather that appears behind the Pokémon.

The third and final Ho-Oh feather sits by the blue lava streams at the back of the room. You’ll want to be quick with the Illumina Orbs as Charmander, and sometimes a Flareon, will run across to block your shot.

Once you’ve illuminated all three of the Ho-Oh feathers, you’ll enter the final room of the Volcano path, at which point, Ho-Oh will swoop down. You’ll get many photo opportunities here, with it being a good idea to throw some Illumina Orbs to spark a reaction.

Those are the four Ho-Oh locations in New Pokémon Snap as well as the three Ho-Oh feather locations that you can find along the Volcano path in Fireflow Volcano.

How to get each star grade of Ho-Oh photo in New Pokémon Snap

When you find Ho-Oh in each of its locations, you’ll find that those when it’s in the sky tend to be one-star snaps, with all of the high-star photos coming at the end of the Volcano path. So, be sure to aim for placement, pose, and size to get maximum points in the final room.

The one-star Ho-Oh photos just depict the legendary Pokémon flying through the air or hovering when in its final location.

The two-star Ho-Oh photos can be snapped when Ho-Oh starts to ascend while in the final room of the Volcano path.

The three-star Ho-Oh photos can be a bit tricky to get. As you’re circling its final location, you need to hit Ho-Oh with several Illumina Orbs. Then, when it performs a short ascent, stop throwing the orbs, and it should perform a barrel roll for a three-star photo opportunity.

The four-star Ho-Oh photos can be snapped almost as soon as Ho-Oh presents itself in the final room of the Volcano path, with its scream being the four-star photo opportunity.

So, now you know how to lure the legendary Pokémon into the final room of the Volcano path and how to get each star grade of Ho-Oh photo in New Pokémon Snap. A single snap of Ho-Oh will complete the ‘A Slice of Rainbow’ request.

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