Aethermancer: All you need to know about the new game from the makers of Monster Sanctuary

Get ready for Moi Rai Games’ next project: Aethermancer. This new game combines monster tamer mechanics with the challenging gameplay and incremental progression of roguelites.

Discover the exciting world of Aethermancer, the new game from the creators of Monster Sanctuary

Are you a fan of monster tamer RPGs? Do you love building a team of adorable creatures and battling big bosses? If so, you may have heard of Moi Rai GamesMonster Sanctuary. This game has received critical acclaim for its deep and complex skill trees, beautiful art and music, and the unique blend of classic monster tamer mechanics with Metroidvania-style exploration. But now, Moi Rai Games is teasing its next project, Aethermancer, and it looks like it could be just as amazing. Aethermancer takes the tried-and-tested monster tamer mechanics and applies them to the world of roguelites, a genre known for its challenging gameplay and incremental progression.

Aethermancer’s Design Philosophy

Roguelites are not easy to get right, but Moi Rai Games seems to have a good handle on designing combat systems. Aethermancer promises to have a sense of progression, with the ability to use currencies acquired through runs to unlock new classes and strengthen monsters. The resurrection of favorite monsters between runs and tweaking builds and strategies also sounds incredibly fun.

In terms of presentation, even at this early stage, Aethermancer looks like a very pretty game and a significant step up from Monster Sanctuary already. However, it is essential to note that we have only seen one trailer, and it’s too early to put all our eggs into one basket.

Moi Rai Games’ Understanding of Randomizers

Adding random elements to beloved games is a great way to keep things feeling fresh, and Moi Rai Games understands this very well. Its recent post-release update to Monster Sanctuary added some new game options that added some random elements to proceedings.

Roguelite Monster Tamers: A Compelling Combination

The combination of two of the most compelling and time-consuming genres is exciting, and Aethermancer has the potential to be a watershed moment for the industry. It’s a studio that has proved itself with Monster Sanctuary’s success, and we are optimistic that it’s onto something great here.

Aethermancer promises to bring together the best of monster tamer RPGs and roguelites. Moi Rai Games has a good handle on designing combat systems, and the sense of progression is a big part of the design philosophy. While it’s too early to say for sure, we believe Aethermancer could be one of the most exciting games of the year. Keep an eye out for its release, and get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with your favorite monsters.

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