Unleash Your Strategies: Mastering the Alboran Hatchery Map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Find out Strategies for Mastering the Alboran Hatchery Map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II!

Unleash Your Strategies: Mastering the Alboran Hatchery Map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

By Owen Gower

Calling all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II players! Prepare for an exhilarating battle on the newly released multiplayer map, Alboran Hatchery. As part of Season 03 Reloaded, this medium-sized map presents a challenge for operators as they navigate the area surrounding the hatchery and its storage facilities nestled amidst towering windmills.

Navigating the Entry Points: KorTac and SpecGru

When starting at KorTac, the northern entry zone, operators are adjacent to the fishery warehouse but lack access to the south-facing windows and rooftop. Utilize the height advantage to advance and engage enemies at the foot of the hill. Keep an eye on the warehouse roof and carefully consider when to stay hidden below or climb up for better attack opportunities.

At SpecGru, the southern entry zone, operators enter behind the southern warehouse with the option to storm through the building or move along the perimeter. As the opposing team begins with a height advantage, climbing to the roof can offer a strategic vantage point for long-range combat and reconnaissance. For players preferring medium distances, staying on the ground and utilizing the map’s ample cover objects is recommended while progressing towards the fishery warehouse.

Mastering the Map: Key Areas and TacticsMastering the Map: Key Areas and Tactics

Alboran Hatchery can be divided into four main sections:

1. The Fishery Warehouse

Located in the northern half of the map, the fishery warehouse serves as a crucial passageway fraught with lurking dangers. Operators can search for enemies along the tanks and containers or climb atop obstacles for an aerial view. Be prepared for close-quarter encounters, consider launching a direct attack or falling back and flanking the enemy.

Unlike the southern warehouse, the fishery warehouse’s roof is inaccessible, with no windows overlooking the southern side of the map. This focus redirects the battle to the interior of the warehouse, so stay vigilant and ready for combat at all times.

2. The Containers

The map features two sets of outer containers: the central middle containers and the side containers in the north. Although they are located in different areas, caution must be exercised when moving through both locations. Move slowly and cautiously around the tanks or climb up for a better vantage point. It’s worth noting that the roof of the warehouse provides a line of sight to the remote side containers.

3. The Main Entrance

Surrounded by two parked trucks, the main entrance also includes the eastern power supply area. While equipment favoring medium-range engagements often lead to encounters with players on the hill, this area can be effectively controlled with shotguns and SMGs. Utilize the trucks, walls, and generators to remain hidden from long sightlines and force enemies into close-quarters combat. If the situation becomes too heated, you can always retreat toward the middle or side containers to maintain distance.

4. The Warehouse

Although the warehouse sits at the lowest point of the map, it offers a dominant position on the rooftop. With obstacles in the surrounding area, it’s easy to climb up and take shots at distant enemies. Each side of the roof features windows into the interior of the warehouse, providing easy access if discovered.

The interior of the warehouse is divided into smaller sections compared to the northern fishery warehouse. It consists of two main areas and a foreman’s office on the side. The area surrounding the building is flat, leading to yellow stairs in the west that ascend to the middle containers and the power supply in the east.

Strategies and Rotations for Different ModesStrategies and Rotations for Different Modes


In Domination mode, the battle centers around the industrial buildings, with the A flag located in the warehouse, the C flag along the side path next to the fishery warehouse, and the B flag in the center of the power supply area to the east. On a map of this size, it’s most effective to contest two flags and then hold positions. The combination of flags A and B works well, as players can use the warehouse roof to target B. Alternatively, secure flags A and C to keep the enemy in the east.

Communicate any changes in position to ensure even distribution among your team, and don’t hesitate to switch up your equipment to adapt your playstyle. If the enemy attempts to attack one of your positions, consider retreating and targeting a less contested flag.

Search and Destroy: 

In Search and Destroy, every tank, crate, and large object takes on new significance, as one small mistake can result in elimination. Wise defenders know to avoid the sightlines from the warehouse roof as much as possible, unless they trust their precision to take down imprecise attackers.

Moving as a group pays off, but it’s up to you to decide how to divide your team between the two bomb sites. Storm one side with full force or create noise on one side while quietly carrying the bomb to the other. Whatever your tactic, move thoughtfully and alert teammates to any discovered enemies.

As a defender, it may be beneficial to briefly occupy a container for better visibility but quickly descend to avoid enemy snipers. Revealing your position will likely draw attention, granting an advantage in setting up a defense. Positioning a defender in the fishery warehouse, ready to rush to either bomb site as needed, can also prove valuable.


In Headquarters mode, the battle becomes even more intense as players are led in a clockwise direction from hill to hill. The order is as follows: power supply, fishery warehouse, warehouse, side containers, middle containers.

Expect air support streaks during the defense of the three outer objectives and close-quarters battles that may break out around the middle and fishery warehouses. Utilize any remaining time to build defenses at the next hill and station one or two team members along the path to the new objective, setting a trap for unsuspecting enemies. Consider using the Ultimate Extra Top-Down View for a larger mini-map, allowing better perception of movements around the positions.

Expert Tips to Conquer Alboran HatcheryExpert Tips to Conquer Alboran Hatchery

1. Just a Quick Peek:

Utilize your excellent climbing skills to ascend the tanks and reach one of the trucks. With climbing opportunities everywhere, the information gained is often worth the risk of being detected.

2. Airborne Recon:

Sometimes, climbing isn’t the best option for gathering enemy information, especially if opponents are on the lookout for such moves. The Field Upgrade, Recon Drone, is perfect for such situations, providing a top-down view and marking enemies without revealing your operator.

3. The Right Tool for Every Job:

Sightlines change rapidly between close-quarter fights at the containers and indoor areas, and long-range battles spanning the entire map. Consider a mix of the Overkill and Quick Fix perks to quickly switch between two primary weapons with different playstyles. Alternatively, choose one of the new fully automatic handguns available in Season 03 Reloaded as a secondary weapon, upon completing their challenge.

4. Storm the Roof:

Are enemy snipers on the warehouse roof causing problems? Be a counter-sniper, circling the sides of the building and climbing up at different spots to engage players taking advantage of the power position. Clearing the roof will make it easier for your entire team to maneuver on the ground.

5. Control the Fight:

With numerous cover options available, it’s up to you whether to pursue enemies and continue the battle in a skirmish or fall back and force the enemy to come to you. Always consider your current loadout, the needs of the round, and the risk of being discovered when deciding how to approach a fight.

6. Nice Gear You’ve Got There:

Due to the abundance of tanks, vehicles, and other cover objects on Hatchery, it’s challenging to anticipate what may be lurking around the next corner. Equip the Scout perk to see enemy equipment, field upgrades, and streaks through walls, providing better insight into the most significant threats.

7. Delivery on the Way:

Medium-sized maps like this one are perfect for requesting supplies. Regardless of which team you’re on, there’s a good chance that one of the two buildings will provide cover while you call in the goods.

8. Ground Siege:

Since the warehouse and fishery warehouse offer cover from aerial attacks, consider ground-based streaks as well. Set up a turret to cover the warehouse’s main entrance or perch on one of the tanks for an extended line of sight. Request a Wheelson HS to hunt down operators both inside and outside.

9. Danger! Danger!

Struggling to predict enemy movements? Equip the Ultimate Extra, Alarm, to receive a visual warning when an enemy player detects you from outside your field of view. When your vision lights up, take cover, find a new position, and hunt down the operator who triggered the ability.

10. Mark Your Entry Points:

After a few rounds, you’ll discover your favorite spots, whether defending from within or fighting your way through the outdoor area. With a tactical insertion, you’ll have more opportunities to return to the action exactly where you want to be—unless the enemy destroys your beacon.

With these strategies and insider tips, you’ll be well-equipped to dominate the Alboran Hatchery map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Remember to adapt your tactics, communicate with your team, and stay alert to ensure victory in every battle!

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