Assetto Corsa: Race Sim Studio Launch Formula Hybrid 2021 Mod

The new car from the popular Assetto Corsa mod team recreates a generic Formula 1 car based on the 2021 regulations.

Image Source: Race Sim Studio, via Sellfy

Race Sim Studio are the makers of possibly the very best Formula One add-ons for Assetto Corsa. Their generic F1 cars are based on the current years’ technical regulations, and this year isn’t an exception.

They have recently launched their latest mod, the Formula Hybrid 2021, priced at their usual €3.80. It features the same changes to the floor that are present on this year’s real-life Formula One cars.

Brand new build for a new year of racing

Image Source: Race Sim Studio, via Sellfy

The 3D model for the car is brand new and built from the ground up, ensuring that it’s significantly different from the previous year’s Formula Hybrid 2020 – possibly their best ever mod.

The interior of the car is highly detailed, coming with accurate V6 turbo-hybrid sounds and 24 generic – but custom – liveries for the car. The mod also features a 1:1 replica steering wheel by Rexing, who provide some of the best sim-racing hardware.

Modding the Formula Hybrid 2021 into an F1 car

Image Source: Race Sim Studio, via Sellfy

Being a paid mod and not licensed by F1, the car can’t be based on any particular F1 car, nor called as such. As such, the car’s skins are not representative of the real Formula One grid.

However, if you go onto the Race Department Assetto Corsa mods page, you will find that the full grid of 2021 cars is already available to download for free to apply to this mod, as well as a few additional fictional and historic re-skins.

Holding up to the real deal

Image Source: Race Sim Studio, via Sellfy

The 2021 regulations in Formula One cut downforce from the cars by around ten per cent, achieved by slimming the floors of the cars and taking away the slots in said floor.

When driving this car back-to-back with the 2020 model, you certainly feel the changes. While it still has plenty of downforce and grip, you can feel the loss of that floor section. These changes are reflected in your lap times, as was shown in the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix.

When it comes to replicating these key factors, Race Sim Studio have once again knocked it out of the park.

What’s Next?

Image Source: Race Sim Studio, via Sellfy

Race Sim Studio will more than likely be planning their next mod already. They have already released a V2 update for the 2021 Formula Hybrid, which is free to those who have purchased the car – as are all of their updates.

They also recently released their Formula Hyperion, based on the current NASCAR regulations, and the car based upon the new 2022 F1 cars has already been out for a year or two. So, updates could be in the pipeline for that when the regulations are introduced next year.

Whatever Race Sim Studio do next for Assetto Corsa, it is bound to be up to the usual high standards that the team have become famous for.

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