Civilization VI: Battle of the Developers Livestream Excites Fans

Read About Battle of the Developers in game Civilization VI!

Civilization VI: Battle of the Developers Livestream Excites Fans

Get ready for an epic showdown as Civilization VI‘s lead designer, Ed “The Architect” Beach, and junior designer Carl “Carlbarian” Harrison, face off in a thrilling livestream battle. Following their last clash in 2019, where Ed’s Hungary triumphed over Carl’s Canada, fans are eager to see if history will repeat itself or if Carl will finally get his revenge. Don’t miss the exciting duel this Wednesday at 10:00 AM PT on FiraxisGames Twitch channel.

By Owen Gower

Duel Redux: Ed vs. Carl

The rematch between Ed and Carl in Civilization VI promises to be an intense contest. In their previous encounter, Ed had the advantage of selecting both their civilizations and the two AI civilizations they would face. However, this time around, the selection process is different.

At the end of the last Firaxis Livestream, Ed and Carl chose four civilization options from the Civilization VI: Leader Pass. The final decision was made through a vote on the official Civilization Twitter account. As a result, Ed will lead as Julius Caesar, while Carl will play as Ludwig II. The duel will take place on a small map with two additional AI-controlled civilizations for time efficiency.

Watch the Livestream Replay

If you missed the thrilling battle, don’t worry! You can catch the full recording of the livestream below and experience the excitement for yourself.

Join the Epic Showdown

Make sure you’re part of gaming history as Ed “The Architect” Beach goes head-to-head against Carl “Carlbarian” Harrison for the second time. Witness the clash of these gaming legends and be able to proudly say, “I was there!” We’ll see you on Wednesday!

Note: The Civilization VI Leader Pass requires the base game, and additional DLC packs may be necessary for access to specific leaders and content included in the Leader Pass. The Leader Pass is available on Steam, Epic, Mac App Store, and iOS. It is also included in the Civilization VI Anthology Edition. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, visit [civilization. com


The highly anticipated livestream duel between Civilization VI’s lead designer, Ed “The Architect” Beach, and junior designer Carl “Carlbarian” Harrison is set to captivate fans worldwide. With the rematch underway, gamers are eager to see if Ed’s victory streak will continue or if Carl will turn the tables. Be sure to tune in to the livestream this Wednesday to witness this epic showdown firsthand. Don’t miss out on the action and join the gaming community in celebrating this monumental event.

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