Catch the Dynamic Duo Siegfried & Dragonir in Pokémon Masters EX!

Read About Dynamic Duo Siegfried & Dragonir in Pokémon Masters EX!

Catch the Dynamic Duo Siegfried & Dragonir in Pokémon Masters EX!

Attention Pokémon Masters! Get ready to unleash the power of Siegfried & Dragonir, a formidable dragon duo that will leave your opponents paralyzed and defenseless. Join forces with these tactical partners and experience their unique abilities in the latest update of Pokémon Masters EX.

 Author: Owen Gower

Siegfried & Dragonir: A Force to be Reckoned With

Prepare to be amazed as Siegfried & Dragonir make their grand return to Pokémon Masters EX! This dragon-type sync pair is a force to be reckoned with, boasting the passive ability First Sync Move Dragon Resistance↓, which lowers the target’s dragon resistance upon the first use of a status move. Once your opponent is weakened, unleash devastating dragon-type attacks from your allies and finish them off with Siegfried & Dragonir’s Hyper Beam.

Unleash Powerful Attacks

Siegfried & Dragonir are equipped with an arsenal of powerful attacks that will leave your opponents trembling. Take a look at their moves:

Thunder Wave (Electric): Paralyzes the target.

Attack Support+ (Team): Increases the critical hit rate of all allied sync pairs by 2.

Hyper Beam (Normal): Unleashes a powerful beam without any additional effects.

A Heart in the Right Place!

Siegfried & Dragonir possess a sync move that not only deals damage but also provides significant benefits to your team. Their sync move, A Heart in the Right Place!, reduces the countdown of the user’s sync move by 1, increases the user’s special attack by 4, boosts the speed of all allied sync pairs by 2, and enhances the accuracy of the entire team by 1. However, the user will suffer recoil damage equal to 20% of their remaining HP.

Unleash the Dragon’s Wrath with Sync Moves

Harness the power of Siegfried & Dragonir’s sync move, Robust Dragon Beam. This dragon-type sync move increases in strength when the target is paralyzed, making it even more devastating. Combine this with Thunder Wave’s ability to paralyze opponents, and you have a winning strategy to deal massive damage.

Masterful Abilities

Siegfried & Dragonir possess impressive passive abilities that enhance their combat capabilities. Let’s take a closer look:

Dragon Transformation: Normal-type moves become dragon-type moves.

Paralysis Follows Success Rate 0→4: When the user’s attack against a paralyzed opponent succeeds, there is a 50% chance of causing Follow-Up Leaden Feet 0 on the user.

First Sync Move Dragon Resistance↓: Once per battle, when the user’s Pokémon first uses a status move on the opponent, it decreases the opponent’s dragon resistance by 1.

Build the Perfect Team

To maximize the potential of Siegfried & Dragonir, consider teaming them up with these recommended sync pairs:

1. Sandra & Kingdra:

Sandra & Kingdra are an unbeatable duo alongside Siegfried & Dragonir. Both pairs benefit from their Caped Buddies and Dragon Unity abilities.

  • Sandra & Kingdra possess the sync grid skill “Draco Meteor: Paralysis Strength↑ 5,” which increases the damage dealt by Draco Meteor when the target is paralyzed.
  • Combining this with Thunder Wave from Siegfried & Dragonir ensures reliable damage output.
  • You can obtain Sandra & Kingdra by completing Chapter 13 of the main story.

2. Sabrina & Alakazam:

With a little help from a support sync pair, Siegfried & Dragonir can deal massive amounts of damage.

  • Sabrina & Alakazam’s “I Can See It!” can raise Siegfried & Dragonir’s special attack by 3 and restore 40% of their maximum HP.
  • This can be extremely useful after using Siegfried & Dragonir’s sync move, A Heart in the Right Place!
  • Additionally, Sabrina & Alakazam’s Reflect can keep enemy sync pairs that deal physical damage in check.
  • You can obtain Sabrina & Alakazam through the sync pair scout or guaranteed 5★ tickets.

Uncover New Adventures

The arrival of Siegfried & Dragonir opens up new possibilities and exciting adventures in Pokémon Masters EX. Strengthen your team, explore the vast Pokémon world, and challenge other trainers in thrilling battles. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add Siegfried & Dragonir to your roster!

So what are you waiting for? Unleash the power of Siegfried & Dragonir today and embark on an unforgettable journey in Pokémon Masters EX!

Remember, victory awaits those who dare to become true Pokémon Masters!

Explore Pokémon Masters EX now and start your adventure!

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