Football Manager 2023 is now available for the PS5

Are you ready to take your football management skills to the next level? Football Manager 2023 is now available for PS5. Get your copy today!

It's time to kick off the season with Football Manager 2023 on PS5

Now you can play Football Manager 2023 on the PS5. What does the game offer?

Improved game mechanics for more fun

Football Manager 2023 is here just in time for football fans! Developed by Sega and Sports Interactive, Football Manager 2023 promises to have all the features that sports enthusiasts have grown to love – from formation and tactic management, to detailed scouting and transfer dealings – delivered on Sony’s new-generation gaming console. Football fans around the world can now experience an incredibly realistic manager simulation game with immersive graphics, improved game mechanics, and artificial intelligence. Football Manager 2023 is sure to be one of this season’s must-have console games.

Football Manager 2023 has more realistic AI opponents

Football Manager 2023 is an entirely revised gaming experience when it comes to AI managers. The groundbreaking new model of the game equips AI managers with the information they need to craft competitive, intricate tactical battles. AI managers will now be more alert and quick to react in different scenarios such as a title challenge, cup clash, or fighting relegation, giving gamers a more unpredictable and exciting environment to play their Football Manager matches.

New squad planning tools

Football Manager 2023 aims to provide a more holistic and realistic football recruitment experience by taking the insights of leading Directors of Football, Data Analysts, Scouts, and Managers. It has done this by revamping multiple game areas to be more in depth than ever before. The four main categories that have been altered in Football Manager 2023 are Squad Planner and Experience Matrix, Scouting, Agents, and Recruitment Meetings. Each of these categories has been deeply enriched with new features thanks to Football Manager’s immersive conversations with relevant industry professionals.

Are you a real football fan? You don’t want to miss out on experiencing such an authentic journey through recruitment processes in the world of football!

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