Fortnite: New trials in week 12 – Fortnite Championship Series 2023 launched

The Fortnite Championship Series returns with a new “Major” structure and a $10 million prize pool.

Fortnite's week 12 introduces new trials, while the Fortnite Championship Series 2023 takes off

The Fortnite Championship Series is back in 2023 with a new “Major” structure, a total prize pool of $10 million, and a global championship event! Each FNCS Major will be crucial to earning a spot in the 2023 Fortnite Champion Series Global Championship, which will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark in late 2023.

The week 12 trials are as follows

Currently, Fortnite is entering the 2nd week of the current Season. Accordingly, there are new exams to complete earning Xps. These are the following tasks:
– Eliminate enemies with the silenced Havoc assault rifle.
– Restore condition in a hot spring
– Attend three lighthouses during a match
– Run an item of 5ch4l1, Neuraluchs or 1RR3-8
– Inflict damage on enemies with the heavy sniper rifle

Weekly sessions of FNCS Major 1

Find a duos partner and prepare for the FNCS Major 1. This FNCS Major will take over the Elite Divisional Cups for a total of five weeks during Chapter 4, Season 1, and players who reach the Elite Division during that season will be eligible to participate in FNCS Major 1. The weekly FNCS sessions during FNCS Major 1 will combine the results of the Thursday and Friday competitions. After the conclusion of the Friday session, the top 50 duos from each region will qualify for the FNCS Major 1 Weekly Finals.

The top qualify for the Surge Week matches

FNCS Major 1 Surge Week duos ranked 41st through 90th on the series leaderboard after three weeks of FNCS Major 1 competition will advance to FNCS Major 1 Surge Week. These duos will participate in five FNCS Major 1 Surge Week matches for an additional chance to earn one of the final spots in the FNCS Major 1 Grand Finals. The five duos that earn a Victory Royale during one of the Major 1 Surge Week matches will immediately qualify for the Major 1 Grand Finals.

Qualifying tournaments across Europe

Players from across Europe can qualify for the 2023 Fortnite Championship Series by participating in the regional qualifying tournaments. The best players from each tournament will then be invited to the global championships, where they will compete against the best players from around the world. Those who want to watch the livestreams can do so here:

Once again, this year, the best of the best will compete against each other and fight for high prize money. The finals will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the fall.

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