JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to Receive Commemorative 35th Anniversary Magazine

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 35th anniversary magazine announced.

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To celebrate 35 years of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, a special set of commemorative magazines will be released all focused on the world of JoJo.

The first issue of JoJo Magazine is set to be released on March 19, 2022. Hirohiko Araki, the mangaka for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, will feature the pictured cover below, as well as some other bonuses. The magazine will cost about $14 (1,650 yen).

What to expect from JoJo Magazine

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The official website indicates that the magazine will include a special one-shot manga and “dense” content. This will include a novel, a special feature on the anime series, and an interview with voice actor Issei Takahashi. Takahashi voices Rohan Kishibe in the spinoff Thus Spoke Kishibe series. There will also be a special two-disc set of JoJo stickers included.

There is yet to be word on how many issues will be released, but with a 71-page one-shot, it will be a memorable way to begin the 35th anniversary celebration of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

JoJo’s enduring legacy

Araki’s JoJo began serialization in the Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987, shifting to Ultra Jump in 2005. It is Shueisha’s largest ongoing manga series by volume count at over 130 volumes. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has made its mark through its unique animations and over-the-top characters.

JoJo is divided into different arcs, with each arc’s main character nicknamed JoJo. The most recent anime adaptation, Stone Ocean, also saw the inclusion of the first female JoJo in Jolyne Cujoh with Part Six’s release in December 2021, which can be seen on Netflix.

Will you pick up the first release of JoJo Magazine for you or the JoJo fan in your life? Remember, it releases March 19, 2022!





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