Justice by NetEase – Interact with Real Dragons

Embark on a mythical journey: Justice by NetEase lets you engage with authentic dragons, weaving a tale of adventure and companionship.

Immerse in epic battles and forge bonds with real dragons in Justice by NetEase

In the realm of NetEase’s new game “Justice,” players find themselves conversing with real AI-generated dragons amidst an ancient Chinese mythical setting.

Although the dragons are AI-generated, they provide a more immersive experience, drawing players deeper into the fantastical world of ancient China. Imposing architecture and sublime landscapes combine with engaging combat systems to breathe life into old Chinese legends.

A Journey into a Fantastical Chinese Legend

NetEase’s new game “Justice” immerses players into the world of ancient Chinese sagas. With fantastical landscapes, architectural grandeur, and a combat system inspired by legendary Chinese martial arts, players get to live out their fantasies in a game that pushes the boundaries of immersion. The true stars of the show, however, are the AI-generated dragons that engage players in captivating dialogues, providing an experience unlike any other.

Top of the Charts: The Success of “Justice”

Since its launch in China on June 30th, “Justice” has rapidly gained popularity, consistently ranking in the top three on the App Store’s free download and best-selling game lists. Touted as NetEase’s answer to Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” and HoYoverse’s “Genshin Impact,” “Justice” boasts of 40 million pre-registrations and topped the best-selling iOS game charts just a week after its launch.

A Unique AI Experience: Engage with NPCs like Never Before

In “Justice,” players can customize their avatars through AI-powered settings, choosing from various facial features, graphics, and literal descriptions. The game’s expansive open world offers diverse game modes, including instance dungeon, battles, puzzles, relationships, card collection, architecture building, farming, and map exploration. Perhaps the most intriguing feature is the use of AI to generate in-game dialogues and enable unique reactions from non-player characters (NPCs). Every player action may influence the game plot, the open world’s order, and NPCs’ behavior.

The Road Ahead

NetEase has committed to regular updates for “Justice” over the next decade, with plans to create a continuously evolving martial arts fantasy world for its millions of mobile players. Currently only available in China, “Justice” is not only a game but a testament to NetEase’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge AI technology in gaming. With the success of “Justice,” the future looks promising for AI-powered gaming experiences.

The advent of “Justice” exemplifies the progressive direction gaming is heading towards, with NetEase at the helm. The integration of AI in gaming has paved the way for an unparalleled immersive experience that captivates players. As players dive deeper into the fantastical world of ancient Chinese sagas, engaging with AI dragons, and experiencing the beauty of the ancient world, it’s clear that “Justice” represents the dawn of a new era in gaming.

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