Minecraft: Part I of Huge Caves & Cliffs Update Arrives Next Week

There’re loads of new mobs and blocks arriving with Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs update (1.17) in just a matter of days.

Image Source: Minecraft Official Website

Less than two months ago, Vanilla Minecraft game director Agnes Larsson and Vanilla gameplay designer Henrik Kniberg announced that the game would soon be getting Part I of a major update.

Today, via the Minecraft website, a release date has finally been revealed for Caves & Cliffs, which focuses on adding a bunch of new creatures and blocks.

Best of all, Minecraft players don’t have to wait long for the update, with it arriving on 8 June 2021. Here’s what’s coming with this massive update.

What’s coming in Minecraft’s Cliffs & Caves Part I update?

There’s a great host of content coming to Minecraft with Caves & Cliffs Part I, especially when it comes to mobs. The headline addition has to be the Goat, which tends to headbutt players off of cliff edges.

Within these Goat mobs, players can also encounter a ‘Screaming Goat.’ Goat bleating is quite loud anyway, but the Screaming Goats are worth keeping, and, apparently, players should listen to what they’re trying to say.

Also arriving with the Goat is the Axolotl. According to Eurogamer, these amphibians will be able to go underwater to hunt other aquatic creatures, and the Glow Squid from Minecraft Earth will be coming too.

As for blocks, players can look forward to mining for Copper, Amethyst, and harvesting Dripleaves. The Copper block is said to age after being placed, offering a natural antique feel to builds once it oxidises and turns green.

While the huge cave update won’t arrive until Caves & Cliffs Part II, there will be new Pointed Dripstone and Dripstone Blocks protruding from the ceilings and floors, very much being the Minecraft equivalents of stalagmites and stalactites.

Deepslate will provide another reason to dig all of the way down to Bedrock. All of the ores will have a chance to generate in this new block, which have also been given new texture makeovers to help identify each ore block.

The Minecraft update (1.17) will come to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10, Android, and iOS Bedrock Editions, as well as to macOS, Linux, and Windows that run the Java Edition.

Larsson and Kniberg detailed aspects of the full Caves & Cliffs update in the April announcement video, with Part I, which’s arriving on 8 June, being the first of two. The second part is set to arrive in winter this year.

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