NBA 2K23 Season 6 Launches with Luka Dončić, Sue Bird, New Beats, and Rewards Galore

NBA 2K23 Season 6 is here! Join forces with Luka Dončić and Sue Bird, enjoy fresh 2K Beats, unlock new clothing brands, and earn exciting rewards.

Get ready to shoot some hoops with NBA 2K23 Season 6!

Get ready to jump into the action, gamers! Season 6 of NBA 2K23 is about to kick off, featuring NBA and WNBA superstars Luka Dončić and Sue Bird, all-new 2K Beats, fresh clothing brands, and a whole bunch of rewards to unlock.


  • New content and rewards in MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and The W
  • Six new tracks from selected artists for the soundtrack and Club 2K
  • Main characters in Season 6: Luka Dončić and Sue Bird
  • Exciting new clothing brands, rewards, and level-based unlocks
  • More Hero cards in MyTEAM and updates in The W

Luka Dončić and Sue Bird Lead the Charge

In NBA 2K23 Season 6, players will team up with NBA star Luka Dončić to prepare for the upcoming NBA playoffs and with WNBA legend Sue Bird for the new WNBA season. With Bird’s four WNBA titles with the Seattle Storm and Dončić’s budding legacy with the Dallas Mavericks, these two are ready to dominate Season 6.

Fresh Beats and Club 2K Tunes

Season 6 is also set to feature six brand-new tracks from a lineup of talented artists, both in the game’s soundtrack and Club 2K. Expect to hear the likes of Premo Rice, Trippie Redd & Lil B, King Louie, Jovanie, Chap D & JohnG, and Angel McCoughtry as you dribble and dunk your way through the season.

MyCAREER: New Clothing Brands and Level-Based Rewards

MyCAREER players will have the chance to unlock new clothing brands and rewards, including:

  • A Jetpack at Level 30 (Xbox One & PS4)
  • A Glider at Level 40 (Xbox Series X | S & PS5)
  • A GOAT Mascot (Xbox One & PS4)
  • Core Badge Pattern Pack 2 as a Level 39 reward (Xbox Series X | S & PS5)

MyTEAM: Hero Cards Return

In MyTEAM, players can unlock Hero cards like:

  • A “Rubin” Shaquille O’Neal card as a Level-1 reward, which can evolve to “Diamant” if conditions are met
  • A “Rubin” Sue Bird Coach card as a Level-2 reward
  • A “Dark Matter” Hakeem Olajuwon card as a Level 40 reward

During Season 6, three collections of boosted Heroes will be released, ready to grace the MyTEAM battlegrounds. Expect the return of holographic, Unicorn, and “burning basketball” cards as well.

The W: Weekly and Seasonal Rewards

Updates in The W include weekly and seasonal rewards, such as a Sandy Brondello Coach card

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