Need for Speed Unbound: The Ultimate Comeback with Exciting Updates and Additions

Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed Unbound just released Volume 2, featuring police chases in the multiplayer world, new game modes, and improved payouts.

Need for Speed Unbound is back with a vengeance!

Need for Speed Unbound is winning players’ hearts with its latest updates, offering more exciting gameplay and a brighter future for the franchise.


  • Electronic Arts released Volume 2, bringing much-needed updates to Need for Speed Unbound
  • Police chases finally introduced in the multiplayer world
  • New game mode “Hot Laps” added, offering a chance to unlock the luxurious Mercedes-Maybach S 680
  • Increased payouts and improved multiplayer experiences
  • Developers’ commitment to the game promises a more exciting future

The Return of Police Chases

As an experienced gaming journalist, Daniel noticed the glaring omission of police chases in Need for Speed Unbound’s multiplayer mode. This staple of the franchise since its inception in 1994 was sorely missed. With the introduction of Volume 2, police chases are finally back, creating a more cohesive and thrilling experience for players.

Rumble Races: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

Volume 2 also introduces rumble races, action-packed short track races filled with hairpins and jumps. Players can now participate in these challenging races alongside friends, making it a perfect choice for those seeking intense, competitive gameplay.

Chase the Stars with Hot Laps

The addition of Hot Laps, a new activity type, brings more excitement to the single-player experience. Players must earn 30 stars exclusively from Hot Lap events to unlock the teased “Ultimate Luxury” car: the Mercedes-Maybach S 680 saloon. This new mode will test players’ skills, patience, and determination.

A Wealth of Improvements

This update doesn’t just focus on new modes and activities; it also brings numerous quality-of-life improvements. Payouts have increased across the board, and daily challenges now offer more opportunities to earn extra cash. The ability to switch cars mid-playlist and the addition of new cars and events further enhance the multiplayer experience.

A Promising Future for Need for Speed Unbound

Volume 2 of Need for Speed Unbound proves that Electronic Arts, Criterion Games, and the subsumed Codemasters Cheshire team are committed to the long-term success of the game. This update shows a dedication to delivering substantial improvements rather than drip-feeding minor changes. Players can look forward to even more exciting updates and additions throughout the year.

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