Netflix Gears Up for Gaming Domination: 40 New Titles Incoming

Get ready for a new contender in the gaming world! Netflix plans to launch 40 more video games by the end of 2023.

Brace yourself for a gaming revolution!

Fellow gamers, brace yourselves for a new contender in the gaming world! Netflix has big plans to become a global force in gaming, announcing their intention to launch 40 more video games before the end of 2023. As an experienced gaming journalist and gaming enthusiast, I, Jack, can’t help but be excited about what this means for the future of gaming.


  • Netflix plans to launch 40 more video games by the end of 2023
  • 70 games are in the works with external partners, and 16 games are being developed internally
  • Netflix has already launched 55 games, including acclaimed multi-platform titles and Netflix show spin-offs
  • The company aims to become a world-class publisher of must-play games
  • Collaborations with indies and large-scale publishers beyond Ubisoft are planned

Netflix’s Growing Game Portfolio

Netflix is no stranger to the gaming industry, having already launched 55 games since late 2021. These games, which have been offered at no extra cost to subscribers, include acclaimed multi-platform titles like Immortality and Into The Breach, as well as spin-offs of popular Netflix shows.

Upcoming Titles and Collaborations

Among the exciting upcoming games, Netflix will be releasing an April exclusive from Ubisoft called Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, an unspecified tie-in to a Netflix show from Super Evil Megacorp, and a 2024 re-release of the iconic mobile puzzle series Monument Valley. Netflix’s VP of external games, Leanne Loombe, expressed their intention to work with indies and large-scale publishers beyond Ubisoft, further diversifying their gaming portfolio.

Netflix’s Gaming Strategy

As Loombe explains, Netflix aims to become a world-class publisher who delivers must-play games to its millions of members worldwide. The company has found success by offering games for free to paying subscribers, without in-app purchases. To fund game development, Netflix pays flat fees, as well as development costs depending on the deal terms. This flexible approach to gaming deals allows Netflix to work closely with developers and tailor contracts to their specific needs.

Increasing Game Discovery

Netflix is continuously testing new ways for members to discover games they’ll love, such as promoting games via QR codes that prompt TV viewers to get games. This innovative approach, combined with their strong commitment to the gaming industry, sets Netflix apart as a major player in the world of gaming.

Challenges and Opportunities

Although Netflix’s gaming ambitions are bold, it’s worth noting that success in the gaming industry can be elusive, as illustrated by Google’s failed game-streaming platform. However, with a massive subscriber base of over 200 million people and a drive to find new areas of growth, Netflix is signaling that its investment in games is just getting started. As a gaming expert, I’m eager to see how Netflix’s journey unfolds and what surprises they have in store for us gamers.

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