Master the Ice in NHL 23: Unlocking the Top 8 Superstar Abilities

Read about game’s Superstar Abilities in NHL 23.

Master the Ice in NHL 23: Unlocking the Top 8 Superstar Abilities

As a seasoned gaming journalist and a massive fan of the NHL series, I, Jack Miller, am here to share my insights and secret tips on the latest installment, NHL 23. Known for its team and character building elements, NHL 23 also allows players to participate in ice hockey games, compete on various rinks, and dominate rivals. The game’s Superstar Abilities are truly game-changing, enhancing characters’ attributes and abilities for a more immersive experience.


  • Discover the top 8 Superstar Abilities in NHL 23
  • Learn how to maximize your team’s potential with the right combination of abilities
  • Unlock expert tips and insights from experienced gaming journalist, Jack Miller
  • NHL 23 is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S and X
  • IGN reviewer praises NHL 23 for its focus on team and character building, and the addition of Superstar Abilities

🔥 Top 8 Superstar Abilities in NHL 23

Unlock your team’s potential and dominate the ice with these powerful Superstar Abilities:

1. Wheels

Wheels enhances a character’s ability to skate with the puck, making it perfect for trickier plays and range-based attacking styles. It’s most effective when used by faster characters.

2. Unstoppable Force

This fan-favorite ability turns a character into a freight train on the ice. Best utilized by power forwards, Unstoppable Force helps characters break through defensive lines and maintain puck control.

3. Shnipe

Shnipe greatly improves shooting skills with a settled puck. When combined with one of the game’s best teams, it guarantees a winning combination for offense.

4. Truculence

Truculence significantly enhances a character’s hitting or checking ability. It’s perfect for aggressive players who need to cover plenty of ground with a single character.

5. Shutdown

One of the most underrated defensive abilities, Shutdown improves a character’s rush defense. It’s essential for preventing goals and saving the game.

6. Send It

Send It dramatically enhances long passing ability. It’s especially effective when combined with the game’s best centermen, offering unrivaled agility on the ice.

7. Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect supercharges butterfly-style goalies, making them more effective across the board. Combine it with Post to Post for maximum effectiveness.

8. Contortionist

Contortionist enhances a player’s ability to make Wild Saves, helping them stop the wildest and least predictable shots. It’s a lifesaver for beginners looking to improve their team’s defensive performance.

Now that you’re armed with these insider tips, it’s time to get on the ice and dominate the competition. NHL 23 is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S and X. Happy gaming!

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