No More Burgers from “Cluckin’ Bell” and “Burger Shot”

Saying goodbye to burgers at “Cluckin’ Bell” and “Burger Shot”!

Hungry for change? "Cluckin' Bell" and "Burger Shot" bid farewell to burgers.

The fan-created pop-up restaurants inspired by Grand Theft Auto’s fictional fast-food chains, “Cluckin’ Bell” and “Burger Shot,” have been shut down by Take-Two Interactive, the owner of the game series. Despite receiving a cease and desist order, plans for a rebranded return are underway.

Take-Two Interactive Puts an End to GTA-themed Pop-ups

Take-Two Interactive, the owner of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, issued a cease and desist order against the fan-operated pop-up restaurants mimicking “Cluckin’ Bell” and “Burger Shot” from the game series. The pop-ups, which first appeared during San Diego Comic-Con 2022, intended to make a comeback at the 2023 Comic-Con, but Take-Two saw it as an infringement on its intellectual property and halted the plan.

A Clever Recreation Meets a Bitter End

The pop-ups, a surprising collaboration between Smokin J’s BBQ and fashion brand boyworldwide, were a hit at SDCC 2022. Drawing directly from the game franchise, the pop-ups featured everything from in-game logo to profanity-laced menu items, creating an immersive experience for the fans. However, their plans to return for SDCC 2023 caught the attention of Take-Two, leading to the cease and desist order.

A Rebranded Return

Despite the setback, Smokin J’s BBQ confirmed that it plans to comply with the Take-Two cease and desist order but intends to return with a reworked pop-up shop under the name “Don’t Cluckin’ Tell”. The change would presumably allow them to remove all copyrighted material from the shop while still keeping the spirit of the original concept alive.

While fans of Grand Theft Auto may be understandably disappointed with the decision, larger concerns such as licensing, revenue sharing, and potential health or safety issues linked to Take-Two need to be considered. Nonetheless, fans can continue to enjoy their Cluckin’ Chicken officially within the world of Grand Theft Auto.

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