Oceanic Exploration Game Beyond Blue Release Date Pushed Back

A new release date for the beautiful-looking Beyond Blue has been announced.

Image Source: Beyond Blue YouTube

From the makers of Never Alone, E-Line Media, and in association with BBC Studios, Beyond Blue has been on the watch lists of many players looking to embrace this recent wave of nature-inspired video games

Beyond Blue was initially slated to come to PC and consoles in early 2019, but the release was edged back to later in 2019. Now, on 6 December, Beyond Blue is said to be targeting a February 2020 launch. 

2020 launch set for Beyond Blue

Image Source: Beyond Blue YouTube

The new release date for Beyond Blue came via an email announcement from The Beyond Blue Team. In the statement, the team clarified that the goal is still to “create a game that truly captures the wonder of the ocean the mysteries it holds.” 

They continued: “To ensure that we deliver the best experience possible, we’ve made the difficult decision to push the launch of Beyond Blue.”

As far as trailers and teasers go, the footage shown so far has been stunning. The Beyond Blue team is clearly paying close attention to detail when it comes to the flora and fauna of our oceans while looking to build in entertaining gameplay mechanics. 

It’s certainly an ambitious project, especially as the developers are aiming to draw from the information provided by the BBC. So, if the game needs longer to reach its potential and utilise the oceans of information that can be provided by the studio behind Blue Planet, it’s hard to imagine even the most avid fans being too disgruntled. 

What we know so far about Beyond Blue

Aside from the new February 2020 release date, we know that Beyond Blue will be tasked with exploring the mysteries of the oceans as the researcher Mirai. 

The game, which takes place in the near future, will feature plenty of exploration in the deeply uncharted world beneath the waves as well as story elements to drive your research. 

Beyond Blue won’t merely be walkthrough – or rather, a swim-through – where you experience a world and a story; the game will ask the player to make integral decisions during their expeditions into the deep. 

Throughout your adventure, you’ll encounter many incredibly realistic animals, using specialised equipment to uncover everything that there is to know about them and their kingdoms. 

It’s never nice for excited fans of a game to hear that it has been delayed, but as is always the case, it’s better that it arrives completed and ready instead of undercooked. If a few more months is all that’s needed to fulfil the potential of Beyond Blue, it looks set to be worth the wait. 

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