PC Game Total War: Warhammer Free at Games Workshop

A true gem of PC strategy gaming, Total War: Warhammer is now free for anyone who makes a purchase at the Games Workshop online store.

Image Source: Total War

Released on 24 May 2016, Total War: Warhammer received very favourable reviews at launch. Over the ensuing 15 months, the game received seven free DLC updates and there are also seven paid DLC packs available, making the game even bigger and better than it was before.

Being based on the Warhammer Fantasy setting created by Games Workshop, Total War has now announced that fans of the tabletop war game Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – as well as Warhammer 40,000 and the Middle-Earth strategy battle game – can now get their hands on the PC game for free.

How to get Total War: Warhammer for free

From now until the end of January, anyone who visits the Games Workshop online store and purchases a physical product – regardless of the price – will receive a free digital copy of Total War: Warhammer, according to the terms and conditions of the offer. The offer ends 31 January and only while stocks last.

Having tested the offer, it was found that you do, indeed, only need to buy one physical item of any price to get Total War: Warhammer for free. It was tested by adding one pot of £2.75 base paint to the basket, at which point the ‘Total War: Warhammer Promotional Code’ was added to the basket automatically.

Anyone who claims the code will want to be fairly quick to activate the game through Total War Access and their Steam account as the codes expire at the end of March. This isn’t to say that after 31 March, the game won’t be playable: it merely means that it has to be redeemed by that date in order for the code to work.

After the code is activated, players can immerse themselves in one of the most highly-regarded video games to come out of the Warhammer Fantasy setting.

What you need to know about Total War: Warhammer

Image Source: Total War

Visually stunning and deep in gameplay features and functionalities, Total War: Warhammer deserved every ounce of praise that it received from critics. It was also well-received by fans of the Warhammer Fantasy setting, with the combination of heroes and factions created for a tabletop war game easily transitioning into the turn-based strategy, real-time tactics PC strategy format for which Total War is famed.

The huge world of Warhammer is explored in-depth, with players engaging in overworld city management and unit building to develop their factions before engaging in strategic battles. Due to the sprawling lore of Warhammer being coupled with the game mechanics of Total War, the game does take time to learn, but it is well worth the time.

There are many playable factions in Total War: Warhammer, including Greenskins, Chaos, Dwarfs, Bretonnians, Vampire Counts, Beastmen, Norsca, and, of course, The Empire. With so many varied factions, the game boasts a tremendous amount of potential gameplay for those who want to explore everything that Total War: Warhammer has to offer.

It’s a very nice gesture by the Total War: Warhammer team which will not only get more players into the game, and potentially its sequel (Total War: Warhammer II), but it may also encourage some PC gamers to explore the tabletop miniatures that inspired the game.

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