PlayStation 5 Pro Rumors: Release Date and Exciting Features

Get ready for the exciting news about the PlayStation 5 Pro! With rumors circulating about a release in 2024, insiders hint at “accelerated ray tracing” to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience with PlayStation 5 Pro!

Finally, gamers can purchase a PlayStation 5 without sacrificing their souls! Two and a half years after its release, the PS5 availability is settling down. But hold on – there’s more! Rumor has it that Sony is already working on a PS5 Pro, with a release window in sight.


  • PlayStation 5 availability is finally improving
  • Well-known insider Tom Henderson hints at a PS5 Pro in development
  • PS5 Pro is rumored to be released in 2024, featuring “accelerated ray tracing”
  • Details expected to emerge in the coming months, though not from official sources
  • A PS5 version with a detachable optical drive may launch in 2023

Insider Tom Henderson Drops Hints

Tom Henderson, a respected insider in the gaming industry, has been sharing some intriguing information about Sony’s next move. Rumors have been circulating about a PS5 version with a detachable, optional optical drive set to release in Summer or Fall 2023. Henderson suggests that this could help reduce production costs and improve availability.

The Exciting PS5 Pro Rumors

What’s even more fascinating are the alleged insider details about the PS5 Pro. According to Henderson, we can expect to learn some details about the device in the coming months – but not from official sources. While technical specifics are still scarce, Henderson points to a recently filed patent by Mark Cerny, focusing on “accelerated ray tracing.” This could be a game-changer, as ray tracing has been a bit of a letdown in the current console generation.

PlayStation 5 Pro Release Window

Henderson also revealed that the PlayStation 5 Pro is anticipated to hit the market in 2024, likely toward the end of the year. Could Sony be targeting November to mark three years after the original PS5 release? Perhaps we’ll see something new in June, as additional rumors suggest a major PlayStation showcase taking place then.

Stay tuned as our expert gaming journalist, Jack Miller, continues to bring you the latest news, insider tips, and insights on the PlayStation 5 Pro and other gaming developments!

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